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Show Me Your Nails 2.0

Due to some technical glitches with the original Show Me Your Nails Thread, I am starting a new thread with @vegchililover78's blessing (She says "hello," by the way!).


Please share your nail looks, nail art and manicures!




...And don't forget to check out @Beadshopgirl's Nail Stamping Thread for stamping inspiration! ❤️

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0

What...... where has this been for the past like 2 months @RGbrown ?!?! Maybe I can it on Amazon some time... 😶🌫️🫠

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0

Yaaaay! You did it! You got that magnetic look down! It looks beautiful @jaaayp😍 Will this mean more magnetic mani's to come?

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0

Thank you @itsfi ! I feel like I need a break LOL all the glitter is really making me go back to the solids 😂😂 watch, after this break, I won't be able to perfect it again 😂😂😂😂

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0

@jaaayp  These look perfect!!!! 😍 I love them! 

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0

Thank you @ather hehe! I think im finally getting the hang of it although my right hand really needs some work 😂😅

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0

Beautiful, @jaaayp ! 🥰

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0

Thank you @Titian06 🥰

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0

So gorgeous!!! @jaaayp 

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0

Thank you @Georgiiiaaa 🥰

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0

@jaaayp  Very pretty mani🤩

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0

Thank you @Cissy63 🥰

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0

@jaaayp girl, you NAILED it!!!

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0

Idk how @CookieGirl1 idk what I did differently this time LOL HAPPY ACCIDENT WOOHOOOOOO!!!!

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0

These are gorgeous! You definatley pulled these off! Beautiful 😍 @jaaayp 

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0

Aw, thank you @peculiarzmakeup very sweet 🥰

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0

I can mostly ignore Cirque; their prices are high for such a small bottle, and they just don't have much that speaks to me most of the time...but their jellies are my absolute downfall and I bet I wind up with most, if not all, of these. Sigh. Now to start watching for sales!


Glazed collection, launching tomorrow!


cirque glazed.gif

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0

@RGbrown oooh, I've hardly been on IG for the last couple of days so I hadn't seen this since they announced that a new collection would be coming!  I like Cirque.

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0


They actually sent this via email lol, I couldn't tell you the last time I opened IG 😋

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0

Time for some bright color after my last set, candy style! My choices from the China Glaze Wonka collection plus a bonus Clionadh Wonka themed polish 🍬


China Glaze Pure Imagination: bright purple crelly with pink/orange shifting shimmer. My camera doesn't pick up the shimmer that well, but it is most definitely noticeable in real life. Two coats got me smooth and even coverage, nearly opaque, though I added a third to see if it got any richer or deeper, and maybe it did a little, but I'm not sure it was necessary. This is a gorgeous color, very easy to work with. 


China Glaze Noodle: dusty teal shimmer, somehow both bright and muted all at once. In some lights, the shimmer appears to have a blue to purple shift, though it's subtle and not likely something anyone but you would notice. Nearly one coater, very easy formula.


Clionadh I Want An Everlasting Gobstopper: clear base filled with silver (microflakies? large particle shimmer? not sure what exactly it is, but it's certainly sparkly ) and a generous dose of flakies in pink, red, purple, blue, green, and gold, and a pinch of holo as well. I was mostly sure I had full coverage at two coats, but did a third just to be sure. 


China Glaze For The Dreamers: deep berry jelly with super sparkly glitter. This one was a bit thick and gloopy, getting gummy almost immediately on the nail, but adding some thinner helped tremendously and made it much more workable. This one seemed to get very textured as it was drying, so much so that I watched a few swatch videos today just to see if anyone else thought it might have been intentional on CG's part to mimic a Zoya Pixie Dust, but none of the swatchers mentioned that theory, so maybe that wasn't the plan 🤔 In any case, I added two coats of clear polish before topcoat, and it's a glassy smooth sparkle bomb 💖



I wish the sun would come out, but it's a cloudy day ☁️



Indirect light 



The contrasting shimmer in the purple is so hard to pick up for some reason, but this catches a bit of it on my pinky. Bonus blurry toes which happen to be wearing the same polish 🤣



Flash to pick up some of the holo in the Clionadh polish 🌈

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0

Impressive @RGbrown !! 😍😍😍 I can’t choose a favorite! 

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0


Thanks so much! And me neither 😂🩵💜🩷🤍

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