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Show Me Your Nails 2.0

Due to some technical glitches with the original Show Me Your Nails Thread, I am starting a new thread with @vegchililover78's blessing (She says "hello," by the way!).


Please share your nail looks, nail art and manicures!




...And don't forget to check out @Beadshopgirl's Nail Stamping Thread for stamping inspiration! ❤️

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0

Thanks, @CookieGirl1 ! 💖💖💖

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0


Ahhhhhhhh, yay, kitty!!!! Your designs are adorable, I love all of them!!


Please please please, I know it may not be the results you wanted or expected, but do NOT get down about it! I've seen many folks post that they couldn't even get an image off their plate to begin with, much less get anything on their nail, so the fact that you made it this far is FANTASTIC! You are doing great, and you'll get better, I promise!!!!


For designs with large areas, like the cat face that is basically a massive blob of polish, I find it's usually best to make sure the entire well is full of polish before scraping (instead of just putting a puddle at the top like I normally do, expecting the scraper to fill it all in). I also tend to scrape with too much pressure, but these designs need a somewhat lighter hand (otherwise the scraper bends a bit under the pressure, and can scoop too much out of the well). Something about those big areas is tougher to get right sometimes! Heck, I've got a spiderweb that I just can't get to stamp right...the polish fills the negative space around the web strings, so it's a full-nail design that's like 95% polish, and I've tried it a few different ways, but just can't make it work for me.

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0

Thanks, @RGbrown ! 😘  I think I'm not using enough polish and I scrape too hard.  I tried using more polish and not scraping as hard (that was tough 😄), but I got better results. 

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0

That happened to me as well @Titian06 . I was being way too cheap using very little polish (like if it was going to run out.... 😁) And then, probably because of the stress, I was pressing way too hard. I still have plenty of unusable images, but I can feel that I am getting better and better, just by failing and failing. The good thing is that I like the process so much that it doesn’t frustrate me. It just pushes me to keep trying. I have not tried any big solid image yet, but I know it’s going to be very challenging, that’s why I have avoided it so far 😅.

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0

What are you talking about @Titian06 ? It’s so beautiful! I love it! And that kitty is to die for! 🥰🥰🥰😻😻😻😻 Great job! 👏👏👏👏

And I cheat quite a lot because most of the attempts end up stamped in the plastic bag and only the good enough ones go to my nails. 

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0

Thanks, @Saradestin !  I'm feeling pretty down about the stamping, so thank you for the kind words; that makes me feel better.  That poor kitty--he had a hole in his forehead!  I had to touch it up after I stamped it. 😄  I do like how well the "crack" and adhesive strip turned out.  I think that's my favorite stamping experiment to date.

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0

You did an amazing job at fixing your kitty @Titian06 ! 😃 I think that the bigger and more flat surface of design, the more difficult it gets. The ones I have tried are quite forgiving, specially this last fall one, with colors that are not very revealing. Let’s see when I try something more complex.... 🤞 Half of it will end up in the testing plastic bag! 😅

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0

I had grand plans for stamping up a fancy turkey day mani, but sitting down to do this at midnight last night greatly altered my plans 😋 A festive gold topper does an admirable job of dressing this up instead!


Morgan Taylor Totally A-tealing: deep teal blue cream, easy two coater even with their old flat brush.


Orly Kelli's Emerald: green shimmer with tiny blue and gold flakies. Lovely color, but it had a fatal flaw: all the flakies fall out, so I had to leave it upside down for a while so they would be at the top of the bottle 😕 I had asked Orly if that was normal or if I got a bad one, and they simply sent me a new bottle without answering the question, and it does the same thing. I got by with a generous second coat, though the base seemed a touch sheer...without flakie overload, this one might take three coats to build up.


Essie Buzzworthy Bash: mustard yellow cream, a bit fussy, also overly thick and could have used some thinner. I did not have time for three coats last night, so I made it work in two with a heavier than normal second coat, but even so, it's a touch uneven.


China Glaze Spice To Meet You: gorgeous rusty orange cream, super duper easy two coater (perhaps even a one coater, which also means I bet it would work well for stamping). 


Ulta Naturally Untamed: deep burgundy with gold shimmer. I feel like my pics are touch inaccurate on this one, I'm seeing a bit of a purple tone on my phone screen, but this doesn't pull purple IRL. It is deepened with a touch of brown, but it's not too brown for my taste, it stays firmly in red territory. Easy two coater.


I topped the creams off with EdK Waterfalls, still my favorite gold topper of all time, loaded with pink to orange flakies, and some pops of blue and teal, a little black glitter, and a pinch of holo




Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0

@RGbrown  I really like the topper!  But all of the base colors are so beautiful too😀

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0

@Cissy63 @CookieGirl1 @Shosh85 @itsfi @Titian06 @Saradestin 

Thanks so much everyone! 💖

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0

@RGbrown I love the topper!  I can see why it's a favorite.  EDK makes some amazing-looking polishes.

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0

@RGbrown  Ooooh, so beautiful! I really love that gold topper - it gives such an elegant boost to the base colors! I think my favorite shade here is that metallic green - SO gorgeous! 💚

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0

Fall feels @RGbrown! The jewel toned shades are goooorgeous! Love them 💚💙💜 The orange and yellow have such a wonderful autumnal warmth and coziness - not two color families I gravitate towards instinctively but I like these two, especially with the EdK topper! 😍

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0

It’s funny @itsfi , those warm polishes are the ones that my eyes go to first. I am clearly a warm toned lover 💛🧡

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0

Love that there are polishes in every hue, tint and tone - a polish for everyone! 😍 Yours and @Titian06’s comment got me thinking @Saradestin.… I think I’ve always gravitated more towards cooler tones, well, for the most part, at least; there have, of course, been exceptions. 🤔 You dolls wear all polish shades well, regardless of tone! 💅🏼 

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0

Thanks, @itsfi !  I agree with @Saradestin .  My collection is probably fairly evenly split between warm and cool with a few neutrals thrown in for balance. 🙂

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0

@itsfi Although I prefer warm tones, specially for makeup, I have plenty of cool toned polishes, probable as many as warm toned (or maybe even more...)

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0

@Saradestin @itsfi - As much as I love purples, my eyes go to warm tones before cool tones. 😱

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0

Lovely Thanksgiving mani, @RGbrown ! 🧡🍁🍂

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0

Again, another gorgeous color combination! Beautiful Thanksgiving mani @RGbrown ! So sad that Kelly’s Emerald doesn’t work well, with the interesting flakies falling to the bottom. It’s funny that they sent you another one without responding your question. Customer service clearly doesn’t have access to the actual polishes to check them, and they just processed a replacement just in case.

That gold topper really elevated your mani to a festive level! 😍

Re: Show Me Your Nails 2.0


French tip with the hailey Bieber (glazed donut) chrome on top #nails #chrome #opi

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