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Rouge Louboutin

Eff! I have a feeling the $50 Louboutin red nail polish will end up at my house. I don't hoard cheapie polishes so it's okay to splurge on a luxury beauty product, right?




Sephora will be getting it around August 6th if I remember correctly.



Re: Rouge Louboutin

If I was you, I would go for it if I really wanted it. But if you already have a creamy red, I don't see the need. The packaging is cool though. They remind me of the Pigalles except with a more edgy, vampy twist.

Re: Rouge Louboutin

Wow that packaging. It would never fit in my nail polish drawer hahaha, but how cool would it be to have random spikes littered (beautifully) around my room.

Re: Rouge Louboutin

I hoard non-cheap nail polishes (it's an expensive habit), so one (or two) of these will definitely end up at my house! I've seen the bottles in person and they are BEEYOOOTIFUL. Really statement architectural pieces (I feel silly even writing that about a nail polish, but it's true). The colors are really quite lovely too! There are brights, nudes, and some dark sexy colors too.

Re: Rouge Louboutin

I just did some googling and there will be 31 shades total by the end of august. Will Canadian Sephora stores be getting these as well?

Re: Rouge Louboutin

Those caps could be used as a weapon!

Re: Rouge Louboutin

This packaging is made to sit out on the vanity! Louboutin's not going to sit in the drawer with other chumps.


Candace I have some Emily de Molly and Enchanted nail polishes. Chasing those down was worse than stalking a MAC collection so I gave up quickly. I need to get rid of the ones I have as I don't actually use them.

Re: Rouge Louboutin

Nobody puts Louboutin in a corner!! (or a drawer) Smiley Wink


(Dirty Dancing - Louboutin = 'Baby')

Re: Rouge Louboutin

Funny enough I remember a thread where a bunch of users were trying to come up with cute Rouge nicknames and Rouge-boutin was brought up.


Ughhhhh, heart be still because I am falling in all sorts of love! I'm sucker for red polish to begin with and to top it all off...Louboutin....*dreamy sigh*


7-inch spike cap....this has "vamp" written all over it.

Re: Rouge Louboutin

I really love the looks of that creamy nude color, third from the left. What gorgeous bottles!

Re: Rouge Louboutin

Well, isn't that unbelievably fabulous. There's plenty of time between now and its release to come up with tons of really legitimate reasons why a person should have it. Ragdoll4mom already mentioned it looks like a weapon. So, there's one - personal security.

Re: Rouge Louboutin

Gotta get some!! You'll have killer nails as well as a bottle that could kill! Dual Purpose = Totally Justifiable!


If that isn't enough to justify your purchase then think of all the good you'll be doing for the economy - we're not a bunch of 'shopaholics' - we're "ECONOMY BOOSTERS!" Smiley Tongue


btw - thanks for posting this and for the link. Smiley Happy

Re: Rouge Louboutin

I can picture it now...


Tonight on the 9 o'clock news, the top story, a woman fends off a home invasion when she was able to fight off a thief with the spiked point of a bottle of nail polish.....this and more coming soon! 


Smiley Tongue

Re: Rouge Louboutin

We interrupt your regularly scheduled broadcast with a special news update.....


Apparently, the woman referred to in the now infamous Spiked Nail Polish Defense case seems to have a prior history of violence. It seems that in the 1990's, when French Twists (updo's) had become all the rage, the same woman is reported to have used one of the weapon like over-sized combs, with the very long and pointy talon like claws used to secure her updo, to defend herself and 'allegedly' defend her ever growing stash of all things cosmetic and skincare related! The woman's only comment thus far has been,

"U Can't Touch This!!"


More on your regularly scheduled evening news about this bizarre story of a woman who many allege is normally a **sweetheart**  Smiley Tongue



Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy lylysa, you Crack Me Up!!!! That was so freakin' funny Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy We really are good at entertaining ourselves, aren't we? Maybe we should take this act on the road! Smiley Very HappySmiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy

Re: Rouge Louboutin

Today's comedy bit was brought to you by Team Long Post! Smiley Tongue


The woman is now held in custody for questioning and barred from nail files, tweezers, and cosmetic spatulas.

Re: Rouge Louboutin

In similar news, a house was broken into just down the street last week.  Despite owning a bottle of the killer polish, the homeowner said she just could not risk harming the beautiful packaging.








 And, I want the one on the far left.




Re: Rouge Louboutin

This just coming in, a criminal that was on the run from a police has indeed been tracked down. The suspect was recognized by a clear splashing or red nail polish on face and arms, now recognized as the signature "Rouge Louboutin" shade. It appears during a struggle with the homeowner who fought back with the nail polish's spiked cap, the bottle shattered and marked him with the color. 


Unable to locate a viable source of acetone, the criminal has been caught and is now behind bars.



Re: Rouge Louboutin

I think I will just admire them from afar! lol 


Maybe I will go into the store and do my mani there!

Re: Rouge Louboutin

Really gorgeous bottles!

Re: Rouge Louboutin

I was going to say that's a ridiculous price, even for a really-high-end polish, but the more I look at it, the more I like it.

Surprisingly, I wouldn't go for the red. I like the 5th one, that grayish green. I won't splurge on one immediately, but maaaaaaaaaybe i'll let myself buy one on my birthday. Maybe.

Re: Rouge Louboutin

I'mna go ahead & say nah.