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Red and Gold Holiday Watermarble

I'm excited that it's time for Holiday manicures!!  I can break out some shades that are harder to use during the year.  Last night, I  decided to watermarble since I haven't done it since the summer.  I messed up on a couple of nails, but I do have some favorites among them.  I decided to do each nail randomly.  It's inspired by a tangle of red holiday ribbon!  I love curling ribbon for presents lol.  



framed nails.jpg



After my base coat that is supposed to protect nails from yellowing and staining, I used Julep Felicity as my base gold color.  Then, it was watermarbling time!  I used OPI An Affair in Red Square and Sephora by OPI Kiss Me On My Mistletoes for a little extra shimmer.  Now that I have ribbon nails, I need to start wrapping presents! lol.

Re: Red and Gold Holiday Watermarble

Re: Red and Gold Holiday Watermarble

@sephoramusthave  lol!  I love that beagle!


@beautylovingirl  Thanks!  I don't recall seeing that promotion.  I should have paid more attention lol.

Re: Red and Gold Holiday Watermarble

So fabulous!

Re: Red and Gold Holiday Watermarble

Those look so good! They look just like the ones that were done on the underwraps promotion. Awesome Job!Smiley Happy

Re: Red and Gold Holiday Watermarble

Really pretty Kimmi!!  You are inspiring me to try my holiday WM that I have lined up.  Been planning it forever!  Smiley Surprised)

Re: Red and Gold Holiday Watermarble

I love this, Kimmi!!!!! It's my fave from you so far! It makes me think of the hands in the Sephora Mystery bag promo they had on the front page a few days ago!


The combination of colors is perfect and the marble is swirled just right and showcased very well!


Makes me think of peppermints if you did it with white or even silver!

Re: Red and Gold Holiday Watermarble

@lylysa  Thanks!  The silver sounds like it would be really pretty!  


@dianabt  I'm wanting some peppermint now lol.  While waiting, it gives you plenty of time to think of a design or two!  Smiley Happy


@janinebt  How did you try watermarbling?  

Re: Red and Gold Holiday Watermarble

So pretty! Before even reading your description or the comments I was thinking "wow that reminds me of holiday ribbon or peppermint candy from those fancy Brach's bags!"


I definitely need to try watermarbling eventually.We're so busy in Sephora land that my nails are still not painted or done! I have them cut super short and with a clear strengthening coat only so I can't wait for a little break to go for something fancy! Smiley Wink 


As always, thanks for sharing with us! 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Red and Gold Holiday Watermarble

Stunning! I love it.


I've had nothing but bad luck with water marbling. I can paint my nails one color just fine....but when it comes to designs I'm terrible! This is so pretty and perfect for the holidays.

Whimsically yours,
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