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Post in Nailed It

Post Your Polish Stash!

I've been seeing "post your stash" conversations on other boards, and me being only a minor makeup junkie but a HUGE nail junkie, I thought this would be fun!


Basically I have 4 different blacks, 5 purples, 2 pinks, 3 blues, 3 greens, 1 orange, 1 sparkly white, and 2 topcoats.

Vast majority OPI or Sephora with 2 Butter Londons.

How about you? Smiley Very Happy



Re: Post Your Polish Stash!

I wish I could post my pathetic little stash of nail polish, but I dont know where I put that digital camera chord that transfers pictures to the computer. I have 5 nail polishes, and 1 topcoat. I used to have much more but I trashed them because they were either too old, or I didnt like them anymore and wouldnt use them anyway. They are all pink and all drugstore brands. I have some Milani, some NYC, some ICE and one from Sally's Beauty Supply. I'm not much of a nail polish person. I only paint my toes and I especially love the bright neon pinks and the baby doll pinks.

Re: Post Your Polish Stash!

I gotta confess: I'm a nail polish addict.  A while back, I had to restart my collection because some polishes were old and a bunch didn't survive the heat when I'd take a shower at the college apartment (I know that's a no no).  My nail art ones survived, but the others....not so much lol.  After that, I discovered China Glaze at Sally's, and I love the brand!  Since this pic was taken, a few have been added.  However, my mom helped to contribute to the collection since she loves blue polish lol.




Re: Post Your Polish Stash!

nail polish stash.JPG 


This is mine, sorry you can't see every single color: But to summarize I have Chanel, MAC, Orly, NYX, Milani, Revlon Top Speed, OPI, Butter London, Santee, China Glaze Crackles, Sally Hansen Salon Effects, LA Colors.

I have one polish from the Body Shop, one from Fingerpaints, one from Sinful Colors and two I got from Urban Outfitters.


I hope I don't look like a maniac!! hehe

Re: Post Your Polish Stash!

@islandqt I love your collection!  How well do the Milani polishes work?

Re: Post Your Polish Stash!

Thanks!!! I am fasting until I make it to Sephora where I plan to purchase Illmasqua's Milf and some others from Nails Inc. and OPI for Sephora.

The milani polishes have performed much better than expected. Ten times better than the Revlon top speed that's for sure. I had a pedicure like three weeks ago and the polish is still shiny, still perfect and has not chipped at all. Once you use a good base and top coat the Milani polishes will hold up pretty well even on fingers.

I would pass on the Milani base and top coats though, only because there are plenty out there that are much better. Seche vite and Nail Secrets for example.

I would also pass on their Neon collection. I think other brands do these kind of brights better like Orly for example.



I hope that helps.

Re: Post Your Polish Stash!

Thanks, islandqt.  I may look into a Milani polish next time I'm at CVS or Walgreens.  Then again, I'm really wanting to see the Garden of Good and Evil collection from OPI for Sephora collection lol.

Re: Post Your Polish Stash!

i have a small one.but i just started getting i still am finding good brands and could use some help...that is a post for another day. or today.i dunno. anyway i have 2 purples a yellow a turqiose a gray a siver glitter, a bubble gum pink, a lollipop red,a nude brown, and a light pink that almost looks white.and a topcoat.i am going to get a dark blue nail striper, a black one, a white one, a pink one,a green one, and a yellow one from l.a. colors as soon as my mom takes me to dollar tree.

Re: Post Your Polish Stash!

I have a ton of purple polish! HAHA! Smiley Tongue

Re: Post Your Polish Stash!

I can add 4 mini polishes to my stash now.  My mom surprised me with the Garden of Good and Evil set from Sephora this past weekend.  Although I believe she's interested in the teal color in it and probably the purple lol.  I'm gonna try out one of the colors today now that my China Glaze Pink Voltage is off lol.

Re: Post Your Polish Stash!

i just wanted to post my nail polish routine! first of all, my fave polishes are essie because they're not as thick as OPI, but first i use CND  stickey as a base coat, which i like because it feels kind of gummy when it dries. then, 2 coats of polish(wicked by essie being one of my faves) then quick drying top coat(seche vite) and then qtica drying drops. then i can go right to bed and my nails won't get messed up. that's the only way to get your nails instantly dry, and they don't chip for at least a week.

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