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Polish that is “nurse” strong TINCT

I need to share my exciting discovery with everyoneSmiley Happy I am a nurse and wash my hands at least a dozen times a day and apply alcohol based cleansers just as frequently. I have always had ugly nails, never polished pretty like all my friends because my job was to hard on them. Discovery:::::: Tinct nail polish. This group has almost 12k postings but when I searched the name it didn’t come up even once! Unbelievable! Ok granted I don’t have lovely long silk tips but at least now they have beautiful color. I painted my nails over 4 days ago!! It’s pretty differing locate to purchase online ( I bought it on ipsy on a whim for $65 for a 6 pack set

Re: Polish that is “nurse” strong TINCT

@ThatNurseAsia wow that’s amazing! Nail polish doesn’t usually last me a day. I’ll hsve to give it a try!!

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