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Pink and Purple Gradient Nails!

I was inspired by Kimmi and wanted to share with you all my first attempt at gradient nails!  Not as fancy as Kimmi's but once I got the hang of it.. super fun and not so hard to do! The only thing was the cleanup around my nails that took the MOST time and concentration! (try using a cotton swab with the opposite hand to CLEAN your writing  hand without ruining the polish...) The image is from my filtered instagram acct. Smiley Happy  



And then I tried a lime scented neon green (funny it came out yellow) and I mixed it with a turqouise blue.. Actually I started out alternating shades but then realized i liked them all just ONE gradient design! Sorta messy but it was great after I applied a top coat to smooth out the sponge marks! 


Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Pink and Purple Gradient Nails!

Oh I love the color scheme! They reminds me of tie dye and summer. Ahhhh, too bad it is distinctly going into Fall right now, I was shivering under 2 jackets as I walk back to my car at 9pm.


They don't look messy, and the sponge marks aren't that noticeable, they just look a bit textured, and textured nails are in, so you are on trend. =)

Re: Pink and Purple Gradient Nails!

Thanks! It was more tricky than I thought but once you figure the technique.. not so bad! Smiley Happy  And YES these winter night chills of wind... not so cool! I don't even remember having summer here in San Francisco! 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Pink and Purple Gradient Nails!

Love them! I really wanna try this trend but don't know how much luck I'd have. Perhaps I'll test it out with accent nails first Smiley Happy.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Pink and Purple Gradient Nails!

These look great -- it looks complicated and tricky, so I'm impressed. Pink and purple is one of my favorite color combinations Smiley Happy

Re: Pink and Purple Gradient Nails!

Oh my gosh Diana! These are awesome! You did a great job, especially for your first attempt! I LOVE the lime green/turqouise colors, they are so pretty! This is definitely a fun manicure. I'll have to try this technique out soon, I just need to get some sponges.. Im out :/ lol. Kimmi started a new trend here (: haha



Re: Pink and Purple Gradient Nails!

Thanks ladies!


It was a bit time consuming and I'd love to try it again! Maybe on someone else if I can get a few willing volunteers... LOL 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Pink and Purple Gradient Nails!

They came out wonderful, diana!!  I love the pink and purple one.  What brand and colors are they?  Which technique did you use?  I've used the one where you paint the light base color first and sponge on the colors one at time, and the one where you apply all the colors you want to the sponge and dab it on from there.  I've also seen where people use the sponge eyeshadows applicators, but I've not tried it.  The pink and purple is just stunning, and purple is supposed to be somewhat in for Fall I think!

Re: Pink and Purple Gradient Nails!

Thanks Kimmi!


I used a combination of brands and shades but used the sponge technique where you paint the 3 stripes on the sponge and dab onto the dry nail. Then go over it about 6 times.. LoL.


Here's what I used:

Butter London Matte basecoat

Urban Decay white nail polish

Sephora by OPI Seeing Pink Elephants

OPI bright pink (dont have the name on me right now!0

OPI bright purple (again dont have it with me!)


Then I originally did the NYC matte top coat on the hand with the green nails but it wasn't as nice, so I went over each nail with a regular glossy clear coat. Smiley Happy

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Pink and Purple Gradient Nails!

I'll have to look at the Seeing Pink Elephants shade! 

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