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Paw Print French Tips

As Lylysa called this, a "Welcome Meat Head" manicure!  Smiley Very Happy  Maybe I've taken Crazy Critter lady to a new level lol.  I haven't posted pictures of Meat Head on the other thread yet because I'm on my mom's laptop instead of mine.  Anyway, paw prints can never go out of style!


Polishes Used:

China Glaze Inner Beauty

Essie Blanc

Sinful Colors Black on Black

It's So Easy Nails Stripe Rite polish in Glitter Blue


In order to do the paw prints, I used my smallest dotting tool.  For the main part of paw print, I dotted around in a circle to try to shape it.  They are all pretty different, but so are a person's finger prints.  I then topped it all off with my new top coat: Orly Sec n Dry.  Very good top coat!  And it is dog slobber proof! lol.

Re: Paw Print French Tips

And the blue glitter matches because he's a boy!!!! ^_^ Cute, cute, cute, Kimmi! Love it!

Re: Paw Print French Tips

Thank you, lylysa!!  He somehow doesn't slobber all over my nails when I play with him lol.

Re: Paw Print French Tips

How cute! I'd love to try something with paw prints! I FINALLY picked up a nail tool for $2 at a flea market so now I have no excuse to not do my nails. 


I love that blue stripe of glitter, reminds me of the 101 dalmations you did earlier!

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Paw Print French Tips

Paw prints are always fun!  Once you start playing with the nail tool, I believe you'll have fun with it.  I think they work better than toothpicks.

Re: Paw Print French Tips

re - "Before you start applying your base coat and polish, do you clean your nails with a Q tip and nail polish remover to remove any natural oils, lotions, and whatnot?"


Always.  I think I just do too much around the house in a day.  All the picking up toys, rinsing dishes, baths, etc..  I'll need something bullet proof.  Smiley Happy

Re: Paw Print French Tips

If they can create a strong top coat like that, it would sell like crazy!  The closest thing I use that I consider bullet proof is the Cina Top Coat and Bonder from Sally's.  It's with the nail art pieces, decals, and rhinestones.  It's stronger than other top coats I've used since it can be used to apply rhinetstones and whatnot.  However, the downside is the dry timing.  After using a few different quick drying topcoats, I can be impatient with other top coats lol.

Re: Paw Print French Tips

Thanks for the top coat suggestion!  I'm actually going to the mall today so I'll swing into Sally's and grab it.  Smiley Happy

Re: Paw Print French Tips

As always Kimmi, super cute!  Good luck with a great top coat.  I always use Orly's Won't Chip, and two coats does me good!  

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