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PSA metal grater on feet bad idea



PSA During your salon pedicure, the metal grater on feet is a bad idea. See pictures for original injury. They did pay for medical bills, but it’s disfigured.

Re: PSA metal grater on feet bad idea

@IOSsucks0108 i'm very sorry for what happened to you....some ladies need to be more professional and practise more before touching someone's body....😤

Re: PSA metal grater on feet bad idea

I am so sorry for your wound in the foot you have to take care of it by taking some medicine for it ...

Re: PSA metal grater on feet bad idea

No replies but 35 views?! Hopefully I’m not being dramatic but I went to a salon and the pedicure lady did this to my foot.

Re: PSA metal grater on feet bad idea

I'm sorry someone did this to you 😔 I know the feeling of being in a treatment scenario and not feeling it was okay to speak out, but I do hope in the future that you feel comfortable stopping someone before they do something like this. I hope you're healing okay 💚

Re: PSA metal grater on feet bad idea

That’s insane! It’s truly not that difficult to palpate the tissue for thickness. Not everyone needs to be exfoliated like that…. Shame! So sorry

Re: PSA metal grater on feet bad idea

“Healed” this is EIGHT MONTHS later


Re: PSA metal grater on feet bad idea

I don’t know where you went; and truly, it doesn’t matter…. I have visited many nail salons; and the biggest, frequent, concern I have, is the seemingly distracted attention to their clients. If this professional had been undistracted; they would have felt the heel tissue (especially after prolonged warm soaking) ; and unless they had the heaviest hand ever, should have seen irritation before they caused a wound. I sincerely hope they were required to receive some additional education or training. On a diabetic; this wound can be so catastrophic!!  

Re: PSA metal grater on feet bad idea

During healing9D87359B-D29F-4B37-8C04-83BC8D723BA7.jpeg


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