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Organizing your nail polish collection?

Nail polish has always been my first love- and my first beauty splurge.  I have a ridiculous nail stash- and one of the things that I struggle with is organization and knowing what colors I have in my stash.  Picking a nail color is usually a lengthy process because I have way too many choices.


I've settled on swatching on nail sticks as a way of cutting down decision-making time, but I'm sure there are other ideas (short of putting them up on what would literally be an entire wall). 


What do you do to organize your nail polish stash?



Re: Organizing your nail polish collection?

Mine are every direction in their boxes- it doesn't seem to make a difference.  Just make sure that the lids are tight!


At my old place, I had my dresser lined with my Chanel polishes. I lost that space when I moved- but I did leave the Holiday 2012 Dior polishes out on the antique vanity for a few weeks.

Re: Organizing your nail polish collection?

I have a 2 tier container that i got around 2years ago at target. im probably around 150?! im at the point where once that 2nd layer is filled (half way now). i really can't buy anymore and invest in another container, i can't possibly even go through what i have now.

 every so often i go through my colors and take out what i don't wear and give them to my friends and coworkers. saves them from going to waste and makes room for more lol


I would love to know where to purchase those swatch sticks as well. i also have so many colors, i don't want any similar ones. i bought a few essies last fall and they were dupes of older colors, even a zoya i had just bought so i gifted them

Re: Organizing your nail polish collection?

I buy my sticks on Amazon- there are any number of sellers. If I'm in a pinch, I'll spend more and find US-based sellers. Otherwise, you can really stock up if you're patient.  I think they're normally used for nail art practice and displays.

Re: Organizing your nail polish collection?

I saw this video on youtube, it's a nail polish collection by missglamorazzi, and she stores them in a clear over the door shoe storage thing. You should check out the video, I tried to get a screen shoot but its not great.



I feel like it's inexpensive and a great space saver. You can sort them by color or by brand.

Re: Organizing your nail polish collection?

The only thing I would worry about is it slamming against the wall and risk bottles bashing over and over. :-/


I'm sure if it was on the front or inside of a closet door it wouldn't be so bad, but definitely not a bed room door where  it might be more likely to be against the wall.


That would be great in an apartment or loft. Chances are I'd probably still dump out half the selection to pick a color hiding at the bottom! Smiley Tongue

Re: Organizing your nail polish collection?

Really clever- but I'd be so afraid of the pockets ripping and nail polish going everywhere.  That might give me some inspiration though...

Re: Organizing your nail polish collection?

Well this is a topic that is near and dear to my heart Smiley Happy. Right now my (200+) nail polishes are stored in tupperware and shoeboxes because I'm moving, but when I get it together I plan on getting the Helmer drawers from Ikea. Many of the nail bloggers I follow swear by it, and apparently it doesn't take up a lot space.


For a cheaper wall storage alternative, I used to use spice racks from the Container Store.

Re: Organizing your nail polish collection?

Every time I go to Ikea, I eye the Helmer. Unfortunately, I have but one tiny bathroom in my condo and no space to put one there!


Glad to hear that I'm not the only one above 200!

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