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Ombre nails! I love it!

So, I have been playing with all the new ideas for doing nailpolish (curse that pintrest board).  I came across the sponging technique to get an ombre effect.  I picked two pretty safe colors for my first try... but was looking for some unusual combinations (but still pretty).  Any suggestions?


This was my first try:


sponge nail polish.jpg


Edit:  Oh, I forgot the colors!  Essie Muchi, Muchi and Essi Plumberry

Re: Ombre nails! I love it!

I love how vibrant it is! Good color choice!

Re: Ombre nails! I love it!

thanks lylysa!!

Re: Ombre nails! I love it!

Pretty!!  I'm with beautytester, if it's just two colors you can pretty much do whatever you want.  Another thing that is fun to do is use a matte topcoat over the gradient, especially if you use polishes that contain some shimmer.  It ends up looking like satin.  Here's one that I uploaded to here during the summer:




What do you on your cuticles?  Some of mine are tough, and it's hard to get them pushed back as far others.

Re: Ombre nails! I love it!

Beautiful examples!!  Gosh, I don't do anything to my cuticles! I am totally no help here....


Re: Ombre nails! I love it!

Very pretty ladies!!!

Re: Ombre nails! I love it!

If it's 2 colors, you can pick pretty much anything. If it's 3 colors, any color in the same family or close to it will work (green/blue/purple, yellow/orange/red) or any classic pattern (camo: gray, green, brown. Seaside sunset: blue, bronze/orange, and either green or reddish orange).


I don't have a spong and was too lazy, so I just used a solid blue polish, then a sheer/med purple on top. Applied directly to nails, but multiple coats of purple towards the end for the gradient effect. (pfft, the only clear pic I can get of it with my phone is of my pinky, so here it is).

2012-10-16 21.52.15.jpg


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