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Olive and June nail polish

I been seeing Olive and June nail polish pop up a lot on my Instagram and I was wondering how good it is? I see their kits come with everything for a perfect manicure which is cool

Re: Olive and June nail polish

 Thanks for sharing this useful information.

Re: Olive and June nail polish

@Tina30219 - @Cissy63 has been posting pics of her many Olive and June manis on the Show Me Your Nails thread.  What are your thoughts, Cissy?


Re: Olive and June nail polish

@Titian06  I do like Olive and June.  I use their system and so far it’s been working.  My nails and cuticles are very dry.  Too many back to back gel polishes every 2weeks for 3 years.  I have tried other nail strengthening products. And cuticle serum.  I have had ridges before the gel, but it only became worse with gel use.


Olive and June offer both ridge filler and nail strengthening products.  My nail are looking better and not cracking as often.  

They also have their own nail clippers which are straight across vs being curved.  
They found that using the clippers to trim most of the nail vs using the Emory board is better for the nail.  I use their Emory board to just even the pointed edges vs doing the whole nail shaping.

They have a Pot” of nail polish remover in which you insert only one nail at a time.  This eliminates getting any remover on the other nails.   
I put the ridge filler and nail strengthener and then polish- 2 or 3 coats then their top coat and dry drops.  
Olive and June’s founders have online classes for different skill levels too.  
I didn’t follow all of their recommendations at first.  But after read their suggestions (sigh) I found my polish lasted longer.  
If I bring my color to my nail salon and have them do my nails,( once a month to trim cuticles etc which I can’t do) my polish doesn’t last more than two days before it chips. 
When I do my own I get 4-5 days before chipping.


 I don’t have their pedicure system.  My spinal fusion prevents me from doing my own, so I go to the nail salon.


 I have been happy with their system.  😀

Re: Olive and June nail polish

Thanks for sharing I am wanting to try their polish out 4 to 5 days is pretty good for a polish to last especially a regular polish. I been watching some YouTube videos on their products and some say if you apply the top coat every other day you could get it to last at least a week or more. What are your thoughts on this I have not seen or heard of any having it last that long.

Re: Olive and June nail polish

Thanks for the detailed review, @Cissy63 ! 💖💖💖

Re: Olive and June nail polish

@Tina30219 @I bought 2 polishes from Target because I kept seeing ads for it. I just found them to be okay. I like Essie, Orly and OPI better 

Re: Olive and June nail polish

Comparing them to essie opi and others you have used would you recommend them? If I  at least try one I will know one thing I hate about polish is the chipping after a couple days especially if it is a high price polish say opi.

Re: Olive and June nail polish

@SportyGirly125   I Ike Essie also have not tried Orly but will be soon.

Re: Olive and June nail polish

I love essie especially the gel couture line I have only tried one Orly color and I liked it. 

Re: Olive and June nail polish

@SportyGirly125  I have not tried Orly but will be trying the Orly rubberized base coat soon though.

Re: Olive and June nail polish

It is good I use it under my nail wraps when I wear them a lot of people recommend it.

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