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OPI Colors Back In Stock

I checked this AM and found that several of the Sephora OPI colors I missed out on a few days ago, when Sephora posted the OPI sale, are back in stock!  I know a few people missed colors they wanted so I wanted to share!  I hope you ladies get the colors you want before they are out of stock again


I picked up:

Henna-Thing Is Possible - opaque metallic fuchsia



Chest-Nuts About You - opaque pink champagne with fine glitter



Skinny Jeans - opaque metallic aqua


Metro Too Chic - opaque dark smoke purple with pink shimmer



Violet's Just Get Married - sheer metallic smoky amethysts1372846-main-hero.jpg



I also picked up a Nail Polish remover, a blush and MUFE Pro Finish Powder (I needed to reach $50 for free shipping! and ITKIT Lasting Impressions)

Re: OPI Colors Back In Stock

ooh chest-nuts about you nail polish looks super pretty!

Re: OPI Colors Back In Stock

Thanks Roxystar4!!!  I had a lot of them the other day in my cart and literally as I was checking out, it told me that some of the items were out of stock!  I did managed to get about 6 of them.  I saw your post today and immediate had to purchase the ones that I couldn't get the other day.  Thanks again for posting!!! 

Re: OPI Colors Back In Stock

Girl, we are so on the same wave-length Smiley Very Happy I have Metro Too Chic at home and it looks gorgeous.


Checked this morning to see if the polish I missed the other was back in stock and was excited to see that it was! Sugar Plum Fairies is on its way Smiley HappySephoraSugarPlumFairies.jpg

And... Looks Like Rain Deer



And... Too Faced La Creme I Want Candy Smiley Happy

Re: OPI Colors Back In Stock

OMG I bought Looks like Rain Dear in store yesterday! LOL. we have similar taste

Re: OPI Colors Back In Stock

Haha, we definitely do! I've found myself thinking a couple times "Hmm... if roxy likes that, I'll probably like that too!" Smiley Very Happy

Re: OPI Colors Back In Stock

@crayzeeRN  Im not sure if you have any of these colors but for some reason the light pink, peach, beige opaque colors look terrible on me.  I think they look good on other people but not so much on me.

Re: OPI Colors Back In Stock

Yeah I like seeing nude nails on others but on me for the most part it doesn't work. I think its because I'm so pale to begin with and have yellow undertones. Essie Ballet Slippers is probably a good example- love it in the bottle, but looks strange on me. I love light greys and browns though- like Zoya Carey or Essie Mochacino!


I also can't pull off nude lips for the life of me!

Re: OPI Colors Back In Stock

@crayzeeRN  I am light with yellow undertones too. NC20 - are you lighter than me?

Re: OPI Colors Back In Stock

I've never used any of MAC's skin products, so I'm not sure what my foundation match would be there, but for some other foundation examples- UD Naked Skin 1.0 is the absolutely best match I have ever found, NARS Siberia, NARS Terre Neuve TM, and Benefit Ivory are quite close.

Re: OPI Colors Back In Stock


Im Naked 2.0 and NARS deauville - so a tiny bit darker.   Smiley Happy  Im actually returning a Sally Hansen nail color I recently bought at CVS - its like a peachy/pink opaque color. Not flattering on me at all! 


This image is from polished cousins blog:

Pink Pong_Full.jpg

looks so good on her nails! It does NOT look like that on mine. 


Re: OPI Colors Back In Stock

Yeah I can tell that is definitely a color that wouldn't look good on me either! Pretty on her nails though!

Re: OPI Colors Back In Stock

it cost me around $8.50 with tax so it def went back to the store! 

Re: OPI Colors Back In Stock

Pretty! I stocked up on a few myself..


Metro Too Chic Set


The Lifes a Beach set (gone from the site!)



Some nail stickers and now I'm realizing I forgot the spice market set which I wanted since it first came out. Darn! time to visit a store lol.



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: OPI Colors Back In Stock

@dianabt You scored some awesome sets! I really wanted the Metro Too Chic Set. Im so glad you got it! It looks really cool. Smiley Happy

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