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New to nails

Hi there! I’ve recently been getting into nail polish and wanted to play around with it but in the past my nails have reacted badly whenever I’ve put nail polish on. Any recommendations on nail polish for sensitive nails?

RE: New to nails

I buy Spa Ritual. It’s vegan and free of most chemicals found in normal nail polish. It’s about $20 Canadian a bottle but it’s well worth it

RE: New to nails

i have very sensitive skin as well - my words of advice are to put vaseline on your nails every night before bed to keep them moisturized and to stay away from drug store brands - other brands will be a little pricier but you won’t have to repaint as often and the bottles will honestly last much longer so its a better investment. others may have different opinions, but this is what worked for me. if the problem persists i’m sure a nail technician would know what to do. best of luck to you!
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