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Need nail care recommendations!

Recently my nails started to chip off; sometimes in huge chunks.  I can see flakes of dust on top of it and uneven growth. I wear nailpolishes and tend to peel them when im bored.  Anyone have a nail serum or whatever that will make my nail look healthy again!?

Re: Need nail care recommendations!

Using gel nail polish instead of regular nail polish keeps me from picking at my nails. I've noticed my once brittle, splitting nails actually improve tenfold just because of my switch from regular polish to gel polish. I'd suggest giving it a try!

Re: Need nail care recommendations!

I use Julep's Oxygen Nail Treatment when I don't need to keep putting on polish (though I'm an addict so it's hard!) or Sally Hansen's Miracle Nail Thickener alone or as a base coat.  The latter helped repair my nails as they recovered from my first set of acrylics!

Re: Need nail care recommendations!

Qtica works well for me. Natural Nail Growth Stimulator (base coat) & Extending Top Coat.  Since using these products, not a crack, split or break. Love!

Re: Need nail care recommendations!

Hey sugarluvv!

        Ive tried numerous clear coat polishes and serums to strengthen my nails but few really work. What ended up helping me is 1) taking Calcium vitamins! Regardless of these serums/polishes, nail strength comes down to what you eat and consume..Nature Made vitamins are the ones i prefer. 2) About a year and a half ago i decided to get my nails wrapped with UV gel which has grown my nails to ridiculous lengths, stopped them completely from breaking and prevent them from chipping. Personally, ive had to get them cut down numerous times before exams or certain activities when they become too long. I will soon post pictures and such as proof Smiley Happy



Re: Need nail care recommendations!

Hey, my nails went through the same thing. You may not like this suggestion, because it takes time, but now my nails are strong and flake/chip free!


Basically, I clipped and then filed them down to the nubs. I filed them every other day until all the chips and flakes were grown out. During this time, I didn't wear nail polish. 


Obviously, stop peeling the nail polishes! You are tearing up the top layer of your nails! Keep your nails trimmed, and file away any chips or weaknesses you see developing. Finally, try not to get your hands wet any more than you need to, i.e. wear gloves when doing the dishes, cleaning, etc.

Re: Need nail care recommendations!

I like the nailteks nail treatments. They come in different formula's depending on your issues. Sally's, Ulta, Harmons... they all carry it. 

I also really like the perfect formula pink topcoat. It helps strengthen & make the nails look really pretty! 



P.S. someone needs to visit the Picking support thread again Smiley Wink 

I rarely peel my nails unless I'm wearing gel polish. For some reason it's easier/quicker/safer for me to gently lift them then soak them in acetone for 20 min. Strange... I know. 

Re: Need nail care recommendations!

You are not alone...if it helps.  I'm compelled to peel too.


Re: Need nail care recommendations!

I peel mine too - such a bad habit, but sometimes I get a weird sense of satisfaction when peel off a huge piece at once.


I use CND SolarOil to get my nails back into good health.  It was recommended by a manicurist at a salon many years ago and I've been using it since.

"Called a ''manicure in a bottle,'' this blend of three natural oils and vitamin E serves double duty as both a nail strengthener and conditioner, as well as a cuticle softener."6051359.jpg

Re: Need nail care recommendations!

my nails have done the same thing... they were really bad in the winter! i got this in one of my julep boxes and it was amazing.


you don't wear polish over it, so that's a little hard if you're used to wearing polish a lot, but it has a nice pinkish tone so that helps. 

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