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Need a hardy nail polish!

What is a good nail polish that won't chip?  I constantly wash my hands and a day after I paint them it's chipping off!!  That's even with a clear top coat on!  Help!!!

Re: Need a hardy nail polish!

You might want to consider gel polish (actual gel polish that needs to be cured with a UV or LED lamp, not a normal polish that states they give "gel-like" results) if you've never tried it.


Gels aren't as heavy or stressing on nails like acrylics and they apply like normal polish, making it easy for a do-it-at-home approach. Gels form almost a plastic-like bond/layer over nails that give incredible shine and durability and last on average from 10-14 days.


I'm very rough on my hands and do a lot of hand washing as well and normal polish would last 3-4 days at best looking perfect before chips, dings, and scratches came into place. With gels I can get 10-12 days wear before swapping out colors and in turn my nails are longer and don't break as easily.

Re: Need a hardy nail polish!

Totally agree with Lylysa. If you're looking for true staying power, gel manicures are the way to go. Mine last two weeks or longer. I usually have to get them redone because my nails grow out or I get bored with the color, not because they chip. In fact, I've not ever had the gel manicure chip on me. 

Re: Need a hardy nail polish!

I can vouch for the Dior Gel Shine.  It really lasts on me with only minor tip wear after 7 days, I recently wore Front Row.  OCC has a really good formula too, its definitely underrated.  

Re: Need a hardy nail polish!

Hi NDgirl,

Make sure that your nail bed is completely clean of any oils before starting your manicure to make your polish last longer. Even the tiniest trace of oil or impurities will prevent the polish from adhering properly to your nail which will allow it to chip faster.  I recommend using the Formula X CLEANSE Nail Cleanser to prep your nails for the base coat. 


For long lasting polishes, I recommend Dior Vernis Gel Shine and Long Wear Nail Lacquer. The brush is amazing for application!  Also, I've had great results when using Formula X The System which includes all the products you need for a long lasting manicure (and includes the Nail Cleanser!).

Smiley Happy -Laura


Re: Need a hardy nail polish!

I agree with the Formula X The System suggestion. I use it and my polish rarely chips before I take it off to apply another color. It's great!

Re: Need a hardy nail polish!

I love YSL's nail polish. It's the best I've tried in terms of long lasting. I've even been able to go over one week without it chipping, and I work with my hands every day.

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