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Nailpolish wears off within a day or two

Hi ladies


Please help me- my nailpolish always starts to fall off within a day or two. I use OPI products only : base coat, top coat and nail polish. I have no idea why this happens. It happens to a few nails and over the course of one week it's pretty much 50% gone. Can someone please help me ?

Re: Nailpolish wears off within a day or two

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat is my fav.  It drys the fastest and is great quality.  To keep your manicure lasting longer, re-apply the top coat at least ever couple days. 

Re: Nailpolish wears off within a day or two

If you decide not to go with gel polish, I'd recommend a strong base coat like Orly's Bonder Rubberized Basecoat. That stuff really makes my nail polish apply more evenly and stick well to my nails. Smiley Happy

Re: Nailpolish wears off within a day or two

Good call, Melde!


I believe there's another base coat out there called Stickey from CND that works in that aspect as well!

Re: Nailpolish wears off within a day or two

I'd also ask how many coats you are putting on. Sometimes it's tempting to put 3 or more coats on to get a certain look. That's asking for your nails to chip. Gel nails are the way to go though (although they also chip eventually, but usually after they are grown out anyway. )

Re: Nailpolish wears off within a day or two

Hey ladies,


Thanks so much for your help! I used to use the Revlon ones mentioned here but they actually made some of my nails turn purple when i put nailpolish on. weird huh?!


I dont use any lotion or cuticle oils, and my nails are polished with nail polish remover before putting on my nail polish. Yikes I guess I am doomed Smiley Sad

Re: Nailpolish wears off within a day or two

I'm pretty rough on my hands and have a job where I'm constantly typing so I'm lucky if I can get polish to not chip in 2 days. I highly recommend checking into gel manicures. OPI has gel shades, and like I mentioned in my  previous post, you can even gel top coat regular nail polish.


I got a gel manicure system for Christmas and I'm at a week and a half before I got a chip!

Re: Nailpolish wears off within a day or two

use revlon extra life no chip topcat.  use two coats after

your color, and reapply the topcaot everyday. also, let polish dry in between coats. hope this helps, i used to hate nail polish since this would happen to me, but the topcoat keeps nails perfect the whole week! Smiley Happy 

Re: Nailpolish wears off within a day or two

In addition to what's said so far, it's also possible that your own natural nail beds happen to hold onto existing oil more so than other people's nail beds. Like Kalex and Kimmi said, swipe your nails with a bit of nail polish remover once or even twice before beginning any polishing to help dehydrate the area a bit more to be sure those oils aren't forming a barrier between your nail and your polish from properly sticking and bonding.


If you're using any fast or quick dry top coats, those can also be a culprit in shortening the wear of your polish as though they may save on the dry time, they may also prevent layers from fully setting thouroughly. 


Also, be sure to "wrap" the color over your nail when polishing. Rather than just paint from your cuticle base to the end of your nail, hold your nails so they point up and swipe a bit of polish over those edges as well. Same with your base and top coat. This will bring color and product down to all edges and prevent the wearing of color at tips a bit more. 


I haven't come across many or commonly stated issues of OPI causing peeling or shrinking in polish but note that the natural elements and conditions you come in contact with also play into how long your polish will wear. If you're constantly washing your hands, submerging them in water, then having them exposed to dry air or even warm air can affect your nails, not to mention using your nails to pick and scratch at things, that can wear down on the polish quicker too.


Try to reapply the top coat every two days to freshen up the shine and also reinforce that protective top and final barrier.


If all else fails, I've found that investing in a good gel top coat works very well. Though using a gel top coat cured with a UV/LED lamp/light won't make your polish last as long as a full gel manicure, the stronger/thicker gel barrier will protect and preserve color longer than typical polish. Some salons that offer gel services will charge less if you're just coming in for a top coat, if you have a gel kit at home, be sure your regular polish is 100% dry before applying the gel and curing, if not, the edges will wrinkle and peel back. 

Re: Nailpolish wears off within a day or two

Are you using cuticle oils or putting lotion on your hands before you paint your nails?  Even just the natural oils in your skin being on your nails can prevent nail polish from staying put.  Try swiping your nails with polish remover just before painting and that should help.


Also, just in case you didn't make a mistake in listing the order you apply the products - it should go: base coat, nail color, top coat. 

Re: Nailpolish wears off within a day or two

Kalex is exactly right about using polish remover to clean your nails before applying polish products.  It will make a huge difference.


Another note: some base coats can help you peel off polishes that are other wise hard to remover, such as heavy glitter polishes.  If you're using the Yellow Stopper base coat from Sally's Beauty Supply, that could be another part of the problem.  Although it's good for glitter polishes, it's not for other polishes lol.

Re: Nailpolish wears off within a day or two

I use zoya polish, base coat and top coat.

Re: Nailpolish wears off within a day or two

Try the revlon colorstay base and top coat (:

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