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Nail trending

So here goes, as a single mom i like to save money and for a couple of years now i have done my own nails, i am absolutely loving the sugar nails look for this spring as i dont have time to do water swirl type stuff...I am also loving the ciate colorfoils...they last longer than the sequins, caviar, and crushed velvet. So here's my take on the sugar nails leaving out the messy glitter or salt crystals or spun sugar sprinkles and yes...women out there are using sugary sprinkles and salt on their nails lol...Well not me my alternative is sephora X the start with two layers of a pretty pastel and then the toppers Shifty and Psycho both or one or the other...Its special without trying too hard  :-)  sorry if i went on too long but hope it helps make ur spring prettier 482259_531101990265848_1216751868_n.jpg

Re: Nail trending

the pic is just an example before i had the right topper but u get the idea :-)

Re: Nail trending

Cute! I love both colors, thanks for sharing with us! Smiley Happy 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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