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Nail story - tell it :)

What is your Nail Story? how did it start? 


For me, i started getting acrylics around 3 years ago.


Before i started i was scared because i read that it hurts and things like that, then later i found more information that said that if its well done that its not supposed to hurt.


So, i went to a place and told them it was the first time and that i was scared that it might hurt. The nail tech was very gentle so there was no pain at all. I was so happy lolllll


Over time i went to a few different places and the last time i had them done was before Christmas. 


Im lucky i didnt have a real bad experience, but i did have acrylics done too thick, crooked and uneven. Those 3 weeks sucks Lol.


I took a few breaks in between sets and now im taking a longer break because my nails are really thin and so i want to wait for them to grow and have theyre normal thickness.


Honnestly im tired of acrylics because i really dont like that later in the 2nd week, that when i wash my hair that some get stuck under the nail (thats because the nail techs didnt master the technique that makes it where the acrylic do not lift as the nail grow).


The last place i went to seemed better and so i think after this break i will go there again, but after that i might stop with Acrylics. 


I need to find a good product that really makes and keep the natural nail harder, because my nails are naturally soft, and if i try to keep them a bit long, they are "bendy". I already used one called Vitry or something like that but it worked good the first 2 times, but after that it didnt seem to keep working.

Re: Nail story - tell it :)


I started off with polish back in my teens; I'd use it off and on, but it was never a long term habit for me. In my 20's and 30's, I tried acrylics a few times, and I'd keep them up with fill ins for a few months, but my c-curve is really pronounced. More often than not, my natural nails would pull away from under the acrylics as they grew out, and I'd have to get several nails removed and replaced instead of just filled. I got quite tired of both the expense and the continual damage. Whenever I didn't have acrylics, I'd use polish again from time to time, but it still wasn't a constant habit.


I tried home gel polish in my 30's, but didn't have much patience with the soak off removal process, and I wound up gouging several nails by peeling the polish off instead of soaking it off like I should have. User error for sure, but gel just isn't my cup of tea.


But some time around 40, polish became a true addiction instead of an occasional thing. I paint my nails every 2-3 days now, and enjoy the heck out of the process. I've got some nails that are weaker than others, but I've figured out what works for me, and how to keep them intact as long as possible.


If you do decide to say goodbye to acrylics, I have a few tips for nail care 🙂 

1. Nails are "jewels, not tools"! Be mindful of what you do with them. I use a knuckle to open the microwave or cabinets now. I pull out the box cutter instead of trying to tear into a package. Use a spoon or something to lift the tab on a soda can. It takes a little vigilance at first, but becomes second nature over time.

2. "Bendy" is actually a GOOD thing! Nails should be flexible enough to bend under stress instead of being so hard that they just snap. Many strengtheners are actually making your nails too brittle. They can make sense for some people in some scenarios, but I avoid them altogether, and my nails are so much better without them.

3. To help facilitate a healthy version of bendy, cuticle oil is your absolute best friend. My best nails started the moment I gave up the strengtheners and started using cuticle oil daily. You can buy premade or make your own; it doesn't have to be fancy or expensive. A base of jojoba oil is best, as that mimics our own natural sebum, and is the most easily absorbed by the nail plate. Use it as often as you can remember; I have several scattered throughout the house to help me keep it up regularly.

4. Avoid water whenever possible. I use gloves for washing dishes and other water-intensive activities. Some folks even shower with them (though I don't go quite that far). Nails are composed of roughly 50 layers of keratin, and as water gets in between the layers, it can stretch them apart, leading to peeling. After washing your hands, apply oil and/or a cream/lotion if at all possible.

5. Keep them polished at all times. The layers of base coat, color, and topcoat all help provide a bit of reinforcement, and water resistance as well.  

6. Once you take your acrylics off, just keep in mind that it'll take 4-6 months to grow out all of the damage. It's totally worth it though, IMHO 🙂



Re: Nail story - tell it :)

@RGbrown thank you so much for your reply 😍😍😍😊😊 


Lol at the microwave thing, because im also carefull, i open it in a way where my nails dont really touch it, same for soda cans, and then idk who opens slit packages with theyre nails, i never could do that because my nails werent strong enough, but let me tell you what i believe i might start doing some time;


I might try to find good gloves to wash the dishes, because i really notice that my nails are worse after washing the dishes, so i will try to find good gloves. My nails seems to get very... im not sure what the word is, but my nails are just even more weak after washing the dishes and it bugs me, so i will try gloves. 


If i really cant stand it i will start applying lotion more often and right after to re-add moisture. 


Also, i now want to buy a cuticle oil, do you have a brand you would suggest? 


I find very interesting that thing about nail strenghetners, they could very well be gimmicky (not all but still many products). 


I never was into nail oils, it might just be what i need that would do it. 


Also, even if i dont have any polish on my nails, adding a base or top coat as you said would also help against water damage and so i will use that more.


And so to add a layer of protection, would a base coat be better or top coat??


Thank you very much for your reply again, im going to put some lotion on my hands right now lol. This made me realize that i need to take care of myself more 😊😊😊

Re: Nail story - tell it :)


For cuticle oil, I make my own (3-4oz jojoba plus 1oz vitamin e, add in some essential oil for scent, and dump in any other oil samples I might have laying around). There are tons of commercial mixes out there though if you don't want to go that route! I suggest taking a peek at the ingredients and looking for something with a good amount of jojoba. I had poked around at Ulta's site at one point, and CND Solar Oil looked like a good one.


For going without polish, I'd actually recommend a base coat + top coat. A top coat on it's own won't necessarily stick all that well (they're formulated to stick to polish, not bare nails), and one coat of base alone just feels too thin, IMHO. 

Re: Nail story - tell it :)

@RGbrown yessss i also found that CND Solar one, it looked like its the best one so far!! Im going to get and try it. 🤗🤗🤗

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