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Nail polish for my tween

My daughter and I spent some time at Sephora today (have to train them young) and she was all over the polishes.  She paints her own nails and is trying to learn designs and such.  


She was gaga over the Marc Jacob colors, but at almost 20 a pop I can't see buying a bunch of those.


I don't wear polish on my nails due to my career.


Any advice on what to invest in for her?


She was looking at the ciate' advent calendar, but the reviews on that aren't great and it's 60 bucks.

Re: Nail polish for my tween

I highly recommend Zoya's nail polish. They have a wide range of colors and finishes. Also, they are "5 free" (No Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, and Camphor) while most brands are only "3 free" (No Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, and Formaldehyde) - which I'm sure it's something that every parent can appreciate since less harmful chemical is always better.


Also, Zoya has good sales and promotions all the time. For example, every January they have a 3 polishes for $12 deal (they claim it's "3 free polish" but make the shipping/handling $12 which is a bit more than usual) which puts them in about the same price range as drug store polishes. They usually have good deals for black friday too.


Zoya's PixieDust polish are very popular as well, do check it out if your daughter likes a different texture. I find them very forgiving. If a chunk of it chips off, I can pretty much just paint over that missing piece and you can't even tell.

Re: Nail polish for my tween

Yes! ZOYA!! I love their polishes! They have gorgeous colors and the formula is really good. I have soo many and can't stop buying more!


Good tip on the deals. They recently had free shipping on any order and before that they had a BOGO on specific collections plus free shipping if you spend $15 so I got 4 polishes for $18!

Re: Nail polish for my tween

Yeah, last year they had a really nice set for Black Friday - it was a big set though, so I didn't get it since I already have quite a lot of their polishes. They also gave out some fantastic promo codes (but limited number from tens to a few hundreds so they run out quickly) during Christmas time on Twitter last year so watch out for those! Smiley Happy

Re: Nail polish for my tween

I got a couple of those flash promos. They were really good but kinda obnoxious since it would say something like "first 10 people only"

Re: Nail polish for my tween

I know what you mean - I totally weren't fast/patient enough for most of them. Grabbed a couple as well (the ones with a few hundred codes) - one with the free matte polish set, and the other with free cuticle cream + nail growth stimulator.

Re: Nail polish for my tween

I remember I got lucky and got one that had 3 of the mattes free and even though I all ready had one of the shades I went for it and gave the duplicate to a friend who was lusting after it anyway.I hope I can avoid those this year. I have sooo many polishes all ready and Zoya is the brand I have the most of.

Re: Nail polish for my tween

I think I've pretty much gotten all the shades I want too.....I only have 10 fingers anyway Smiley Very Happy

Re: Nail polish for my tween

Like many others have chimed in on, since she's essentially a beginner with polish, this is where going the more cost-effective route is smarter. 


Sinful, Wet N' Wild, Milani, Sally Hansen, and NYC Color are great lower-cost alternatives to key into and the brands offer so much variety and collections.


If you do want to snag a some brands that are a bit higher up in name, check out OPI, Orly, China Glaze, and Essie (check out places like Ulta or Sally's Beauty Supply for specials on these brands, more than often it's a buy one get one half off or buy two get one free deal).


If she's really into nail art and painting, invest in some practice hands/fingers that she can paint on the nail bed or attach false nails too:



I've seen these in beauty supply stores but they can also be found for cheap on Amazon or eBay. 



You can also pick up these blank nail wheels in bulk online and she can practice a whole slew of designs and test colors on them.


In terms of brushes to get detailed work done, take her to a craft/art store and pick up a set of of thin/fine paint brushes. 


Have her research brands and collections too from the various nail polish bloggers online to get an idea of quality for a certain color and see what shades look like in various lighting.

Re: Nail polish for my tween

So china glaze is a good polish.  Saw a sale on groupon...

Re: Nail polish for my tween

Yeah, no don't go for Marc Jacobs. I love nail polish but I change them like I change emotions. For high end polishes that can be pricey which is why I stay with drug store polish Sinful Colors. Anyone can love Marc Jacobs, the packaging alone is a temptation but if your daughter loves nail polish chances are she's going to change it often. Sinful Colors is great and Essie is about $8 a bottle.

Re: Nail polish for my tween

Ok ladies.  I'm going to break it all down.  LOL


My list for baby girl...


I'm looking for Orly rubberized bottom coat, Dior gel coat, cheaper tools on amazon (mama has prime oh yeah!  LOL) zoya, essie, and cheaper polishes from walmart.


I'll wait on recs for removers.


I'm loving this thread.  Thank you so much.

Re: Nail polish for my tween

I like Seche Vite as a top coat and usually it's around $5 shipped (you might have to bundle it with other things to get free shipping) on Amazon. I got Sephora's Express nail polish remover (the one with red bottle on sale for $5 a while earlier.... it comes in and out of stock lately) as a filler but really like it. Definitely wait for a sale for Zoya...their stuff is always on sale Smiley Happy I don't think I've paid over $5 for a Zoya polish ever!

Re: Nail polish for my tween

I'm with everyone suggesting drugstore polishes! Sinful Colors has been coming out with some fun glitter toppers this year and in general their polishes are pretty long lasting with a topcoat. I also had good experiences doing water marbling with the cremes from the Sally Hansen xtreme wear line.


I would not recommend a Julep maven subscription. The polishes I've been getting from the monthly boxes are often thick and goopy and the brush is not the easiest to use, and I really feel like they're not worth the cost for the quality you get. Also I've read multiple reports of it being a huge hassle to unsubscribe from Julep Maven or even get in touch with customer service (there have been threads about it on the makeuptalk forum and other places) and I'm dreading contacting them to cancel my subscription.


If you do want to spend a little more than drugstore prices Zoya has a huge color range and some gorgeous shimmer and textured glitter finishes. They do various online promotions where you pick out three polishes and just pay shipping, there should be one coming up in January.



Re: Nail polish for my tween

I saw a study that was done and it showed that Sinful Colors lasts longer than Chanel polish. I have had a few misses, but generally have been impressed with everything from Sinful Colors. 


For a topcoat, I love Seche Vite but I've heard a lot of people say they can only use half the bottle before it gets too thick. I usually use the Formula X topcoat and love it.


I use an acetone remover. A cheapie from Target. I use cuticle oil and lotion throughout the day so I don't have any issues with it drying out my nails. 

Re: Nail polish for my tween

Awww man really.  hopefully those I ordered will be ok.  The colors look so fun.

Re: Nail polish for my tween

The Julep subscription boxes. It is like $19.99 for 3, I think. I know notcreative would have more info on pricing.


My favorite drugstore nail polish brand is Sinful Colors. They are better than ELF. It is like $2 for one, so you buy her the whole rainbow without breaking bankruptcy.


Then, head over to ebay or amazon for the other cheap nail art stuff like small brushes, nail stones(the rhinestones?), stickers and whatnot.


Don't forget to get a GOOD nail polish remover! I feel this is even more important than the other stuff.

Re: Nail polish for my tween

I'll see how she likes the Julep polishes if she likes them I'll buy her a 6mth subscription for xmas.


What remover do you suggest?  I usually buy a big bottle from walmart.

Re: Nail polish for my tween

My favorite remover is by Zoya. That stuff can get rid of semi permanent hair dye on my sink and bathtub

Re: Nail polish for my tween

Oh fun!!!! Try the Flower brand from Drew Barrymore. Exclusive to Walmart and really affordable. I really like the colors and the quality. The entire Flower brand has impressed me, but my favorite item is the polish. Smiley Happy



Re: Nail polish for my tween

Wow pretty I may pick up these for me! LOL  I really want to get into taking care of my own nails.  

Re: Nail polish for my tween

Wow! I am in high school and my mother never did those things for me. 

If I was lucky i got to rummage through her makeup bag.

But honestly you should just start her out with the sephora collection and when she gets her own allowance (does she?) tell her to get her own stuff. Smiley Happy But i recommend the sets. Especially the lip sets. Those are easy and (beginner) stuff. 

good luck because sooner or later she's going to be addicted 

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