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Nail Polish and Consumer Reports

Anyone see this Consumer Reports study that tested 10 different polishes including a $2 one from Walgreens called Sinful Colors and the $27 one from Chanel?  Of course there were eight in between.  Any guesses on the results.  The $2 one came out on top while the Chanel finished in last place.  As a nail polish enthusiast, I wanted to pass along the news.  I am going to pick one up and give it a try.  That is so cheap that it is not breaking a no buy, right?  


Re: Nail Polish and Consumer Reports

I find using a top coat makes more of a difference than brands of nail polish (unless it's the REALLY crappy type that's sheer and streaky).

Anyways, I think someone was interested in my eyeshadow/powder in nail polish DIY. Too much eyeshadow will shorten the wear time and change the texture. However, if you want to slightly alter the color of your polish, it is a fun experiment. I crushed two Guerlain meteorites pearls (a pink and a white) and dumped them into a clear Hello Kitty polish. The thumb is the old clear color, the ring finger is just mixed. Then the right side is after all the bigger chunks fell to the bottom so I only got the finer powder mixed in the clear polish. It lasted ~3 days.

Anyways, now I know what to do with those polish where I like the color but wish it's shimmery finish instead of creme (and "too glittery" will no longer be an excuse for me not to buy more Guerlain meteorites, oh noes!).

Re: Nail Polish and Consumer Reports

It looks amazing.  If I ever drop my Sweetheart beads again or any of my perles, I am stealing this idea.  For the most part, I agree that a nice topcoat makes most of the difference.  There are exceptions though, because I generally use the same top coat.  This time, I used a new Julep oxygen base and top coat.  I should try a different base and top coat next time I paint to ensure it is not the new top coat that made the difference.  Plus, I realize it was glitter polish (which chips faster from any brand).

Re: Nail Polish and Consumer Reports

Hmm, I only have a couple glitter top coat, and the big glitter chunks from there does NOT want to come off. X.X

Re: Nail Polish and Consumer Reports

I was not even aware there was such a thing as a glitter topcoat, although I have glitter polishes I have used as a topcoat on top of darker polishes to change them up.  Typically though, glitter polishes chip faster than regular polishes (on me).  I just did a glitter polish on my feet today.  We'll see how long that lasts.


The glitter polish was the actual polish.  I do not own a base or top coat containing glitter.  Tomorrow or the next day, I am going to paint my nails with the non glitter bottle of Sinful Colors I purchased using a different base and top coat than the ones I used with the glitter polish and see how it turns out.

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