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Nail Polish Remover?

So, what is everyone's favorite polish remover?  I'm looking for suggestions because my nails have been peeling like crazy, and I'm guessing my polish remover has something to do with it.  It's a never ending cycle because my polish chips quickly because of the peeling, and then it gets dried out even more from the remover.  Help!

Re: Nail Polish Remover?

I was looking at the Josie Maran, but there were such mixed reviews that I was nervous.  Maybe it is worth a try though!

Re: Nail Polish Remover?

Sounds like you would benefit from Nailtiques, in the drugstore. It's a nail protein, in different formulas, to strengthen the nails. In about a week, my nails are back to normal. I also use drugstore brand acetone remover, which is less harmful than full strength acetone, from a salon or salon supply store.

Re: Nail Polish Remover?

Great idea!  I will definitely try this, since I've been on a polish kick lately.

Re: Nail Polish Remover?

I know I'm always on Zoya around here but even non-Zoya fanatics like their Remove+ - it removes the harshest of glitter polishes with little effort and doesn't dry out my skin or my nails. 

I hope you find something that works for you! Smiley Happy 

Re: Nail Polish Remover?

Ditto on Zoya Remove+. It's great. Doesn't dry out my cuticles, no harsh smell, and most importantly, removes all types of polish with little to no hassle. I can slather on the glitter because I know it'll come off with no frustration. 


I buy the large bottle and just refill the medium sized bottle with the awesome push pump.

Re: Nail Polish Remover?

Thanks!  I will have to pick some up to try out!

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