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Nail Glitter: Anyone Else Obsessed?

Hey beauties,

I don't know how this happened, but lately I've been completely addicted to blinging out my nails. I'm especially loving glittery top coats, something I used to think was tacky. My new favorite winter look is frosty white nails (I use OPI's Funny Bunny) with a light coat of colourful glitter on top. It looks just like snow! I highly reccomend Sinful Colors' glitter top coats, since they come in everything from one colour to duochrome, they're indestructible, and you can't beat the prices (my favorite is #79 Opal Glitter).

Is anyone else loving this look these days? I'd like to know what colour glitters you guys are using and what colour polish you put under them. Sephora has some nice ones I've been eyeing up, has anyone tried those?

Thanks for reading,


Re: Nail Glitter: Anyone Else Obsessed?

If you like glitter you should definitely try OPI's Sparklicious it was part of their Burlesque collection. It will look like a unicorn, literally, barfed on your nails - your nails will be COVERED in sparkles. The only downside to using nail polishes with sparkles is that it is so hard to take it off.

Re: Nail Glitter: Anyone Else Obsessed?

Hi Stellans,


ME TOO! I love glitter nail polishes. I especially like how they look when I'm outside on a sunny day, they look extra shiny! I currently love these shades:


Sugar Plum Fairies Gone Wild
(clear with medium and chunky purple glitter)

Sugar Plum Fairies Gone Wild

Indi-go With the Flow
(clear with fine and chunky steel blue glitter)

Indi-go With the Flow


G-listen To Your Heart
(clear with fine and chunky magenta glitter)

G-listen To Your Heart

<3 Melissa

Re: Nail Glitter: Anyone Else Obsessed?

So I'm still on a glitter kick but lately I've been using the blasted polishes (in gold or silver) on top of bright colors like pink or green. They are so fun and give a nice hint of glitter! Another fun trick I found was to apply clear polishes in random pieces (stripes, dots or slashes) on your nails and then sprinkle them with glitter for another cool effect. 



Gold PinkSilver

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Nail Glitter: Anyone Else Obsessed?

I am so obsessed with glitter nail polish!  My favorite right now is Only Gold for Me- I do a neutral beige/pink polish and then just do this gold glitter top coat at my tips (like a French manicure).  Then I trickle the sparkle down a little bit and it is a perfectly polished and professional glitter nail!  For New Year's I did it with the silver glitter top coat Flurry Up and got tons of compliments Smiley Wink

As Good As Gold Collection


There are some new ones that just came out and I had to have them!

G-listen To Your Heart  To the Glitter End!




Re: Nail Glitter: Anyone Else Obsessed?

I love glitter topcoats, especially used as an accent nail!

I actually own the Gold For Me, featured in this post and I absolutely love it.

It has the perfect amount of sparkle = p

Re: Nail Glitter: Anyone Else Obsessed?

Before this post I did not know there were new Jewelry Top Coat colors, but now thanks to y'all, I am completely lusting after G-listen to you Heart, Indi-Go with the Flow, and To the Glitter End!!!!  Thanks girls!!!

Re: Nail Glitter: Anyone Else Obsessed?

I love glitter on dark colors.  I really like dark colored nails but I don't want it to have that flat look or make me look like I'm a rebelling teen.  With a glitter polish over my dark nails I feel like they look more girly and glossy.  What I am really into with the glitter nails are the glitter tips I can get at the solon!!! I have only got my nails done a handfull of times since my freshman yr in college, mostly because of the cost but also because I don't like how it tears my nails up. With these new glitter tips all that may change!!!

Re: Nail Glitter: Anyone Else Obsessed?

Hi Stella!


You are SO not alone in your nail glitter obsession! I must have at least 12 different bottles of glittery nail polish, 3 jars of nail glitter and countless sheets of nail stickers and jewels, acrylic gel to hold the jewels on and quick dry spray. Nothing says FUN and HAPPY to me like Nail Glitter! 


I can't wait to try these new colors:


I Found a Pot of Gold

I Found a Pot of Gold!


Indi-Go With the Flow

Indi-go With the Flow

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Nail Glitter: Anyone Else Obsessed?

The only gold for me sephora by opi is awesome over any color!

Re: Nail Glitter: Anyone Else Obsessed?

I too just recently discovered glitter nail polish and I love OPI for sephora. My fav is Flurry up,especially on top of Skinny jeans, but I also like Only gold for me. It's different because the glitter is different sizes. That's what makes it so special. I want to paint my nails constantly now, but I force myself to wait until Sunday's. The glitter usually hides any chips too,which isplus on natural nails.

Re: Nail Glitter: Anyone Else Obsessed?

So obsessed with glitter polish. I don't like nail art, but a little shimmer makes me smile.

Re: Nail Glitter: Anyone Else Obsessed?

i love glitter!! i have : nicoles(opi) one less lonely glitter its purple and so cute i wear it on purple, sally hansen hard as nails extreme wear in disco ball its like an irrodecent and gorgeous i wear it on pretty much anything,  nicoles lets get this partay started its purple and stars and chunky glitter on purple silver and sometimes golds, a pink glitter from opi i dont know what its called,sinful colors call you later its green and i wear it on green or gold, and sally hansen hard as nails extreme wear in rockstar pink its like pinks purples and blues and golds and you can wear it on red purple pink gold and green. but i happen to notice the sally hansen ones tend to be very chunky and thick, not the glitter like the actual polish but there are also some grat alternitives for those 2 colors 

Re: Nail Glitter: Anyone Else Obsessed?

I have always loved glitter on my nails, and I can't remember the last time I had polish or shelac on my nails that did NOT have glitter on them!!! It makes the nails look so sparkly and pretty, and glitter hardly ever goes unnoticed!!

I really like Sephora by OPI glitter topcoats! I've had the gold and silver ones forever, and I am building up my colored glitter collection!! It's pretty exciting Smiley Happy


Here are some looks I have done, all of which are Sephora by OPI::

* Only Gold for Me Glitter Top Coat on top of ... Just a Little Dangerous; Looks Like Rain, Dear; What's your point-settia?

* Flurry Up Glitter Top Coat on top of ... Just a Little Dangerous, Already Famous

* Be-Claus I Said So Glitter Top Coat on top of ... Chestnuts About You; Go With the Flow-er

* 2 coats of Be-Claus I Said So over top of Chestnuts About You. Then put Only Gold for me on the upper half of my nail tips. (GLITTERFIED)

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