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My new favorite thing!!

I was desperately searching for orange sticks the other day (why in heck are these not sold anymore?) and ran across this awesome brush-on cuticle oil at Sephora (it's not online but I found it in-store).

I've seen hand/cuticle creams before but what a clever idea to package it in a portable brush-pen thingy!  So convenient and purse friendly!  I was able to oil my cuticles while standing in line at the post office, while stuck on a boring phone call at work, while procrastinating on housework, etc.  Best invention ever!

Re: My new favorite thing!!

Hi drrragon!


I LOVE orange sticks, they sure are hard to find! And..I LOVE that OPI cuticle oil! I have one and it's a lifesaver- I was always having to steal it back from my bf because even HE liked it! Smiley Happy

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: My new favorite thing!!

Yay isn't it great?!  I can't believe I never knew they existed until now.  Thinking of getting another one or two so I can always have one in my bag wherever I go!  LOL that your bf used it too!

Re: My new favorite thing!!

yes,  I finally stole it back hahaha, found it "hiding" in a bottom shelf of his cupboard.. hmph lol. It is a lifesaver though!

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: My new favorite thing!!

I love The built in brush styles! I Got one from Sephora like 2 years ago, could be alot longer. And it looks like that but it was a black tube! I love using it for myself, i couldn't use it of course on Clients, not sanitary but for just me it's great!! And you can find a huge package of Orange Sticks at Sally's. 

Re: My new favorite thing!!

Yup the Sephora version is in a black tube!  and I hadn't thought of Sally's, will definitely check there thanks for the tip! Smiley Happy

Re: My new favorite thing!!

I had these for a while But I remember them having a pink and green one, can't remember what the difference was. 

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