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Monthly Manicure Challenge 2024

Welcome to the Monthly Manicure Challenge! There’s a lot of great manicure ideas and inspiration here on BIC. I find challenges are a great way to channel that inspiration, push me out of my comfort zone, and try new styles or colours I wouldn’t normally go for. It’s a great way to grow in skill and artistry. I hope you’ll join me on this journey.


All are welcome, whether you’re a pro or a novice like me, or if you have a favourite manicurist that is the only one you trust with your hands. You’re welcome to post as often or as little as you like, post late, or skip challenges completely. And feel free to post them on Show Me Your Nails 2.0 too!

April 2024 - April Showers

I’m sure we all know how the idiom goes: “April showers bring May flowers.” So let’s see your water themed manicures this month!


And it doesn’t have to be typical blues for water either. Feel free to try techniques that involve water in some way! Hydrodipping, water marbling, droplet effects, etc… Feel free to try any of these and show us the results!


See My Original Post That Started This Challenge Here


I’ve been a part of BIC for a while now. I’ve seen makeup, skincare, and photography challenges, which have been great for giving me inspiration, but nothing for mani’s. I love Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022/2023 because it’s given me lots of inspiration, pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me grow in my skills and artistry. I’d probably be stuck doing the same looks if it weren’t for that. I know we have Show Me Your Nails 2.0 which has been a great source of inspiration. I don’t want to take away from it but rather give myself and others a way to narrow down all the great ideas from it and get outside of my comfort zone (which has been bright colours and sparkly toppers lately)


Would there be any interest in starting a challenge for mani’s? We could have a different theme every month or even twice a month so that people can wear their mani’s out without worrying about missing one. People could always revisit themes if they miss them but still want to participate. I’m happy to organize it and if people have ideas for themes, I’m happy to work them in. What do you all think? Let me know if we should go one or twice a month and any themes you might want to see. 


Tagging some people but feel free to tag others who I missed or who you think might be interested.

@RGbrown @Titian06 @itsfi @CynthieLu @ather @jaaayp @Saradestin @Mellmars1185 @WinglessOne @Samtian 

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Upcoming Challenegs (*Spoiler Alert!* ⚠️ Click at your own risk!)

May 2024 - May Flowers

In Case You’re Interested In Other Challenges


Re: Monthly Manicure Challenge 2023

@RGbrown Thank you!!

Re: Monthly Manicure Challenge 2023

@Samtian THE COLORS ARE SO PRETTY! definitely screams flowers without actual flowers 💐 

Re: Monthly Manicure Challenge 2023

@jaaayp Thank you! I really like these colors. 

Re: Monthly Manicure Challenge 2023



 In love with my mani!😍 Shoutout to my incredibly talented nail artist

Re: Monthly Manicure Challenge 2023

Gorgeous manicure @juli2121 ! 😍

Re: Monthly Manicure Challenge 2023

@juli2121 Those are really cool!!

Re: Monthly Manicure Challenge 2023

That looks so cute @juli2121! Your nail tech is amazing. 

Re: Monthly Manicure Challenge 2023

I don't pull out my stamping stuff as much as I should anymore, but my pastel mani felt unfinished, so it got a floral update last night 🌼







Base colors: (all Morgan Taylor) Tinsel My Fancy, Light Elegance, Magic Within, Do You Harajuku?


Stamping stuff: Maniology M178 plate, stamped with MT Little Black Dress

Flowers filled in with People of Color Calypso (orange), Londontown Daisy Chain (yellow), Londontown Mistletoe (green), MT Arctic Freeze (white), OPI OPI Red (dark pink), Revlon Vivacious (light pink), MT Scene Queen (silvery white)

Re: Monthly Manicure Challenge 2023

Whoa. 🤩 The updates you made with the floral stamps are phenomenal @RGbrown! I’m particularly loving the ring finger nail on the left hand. 😍 The yellow flowers looks beautiful! 💛

Re: Monthly Manicure Challenge 2023


Thanks so much! It was nice to put some of my stamping stuff to use for once 🌸

Re: Monthly Manicure Challenge 2023

@RGbrown, I hear ya! I need to get back to stamping … at some point. 😂 

Re: Monthly Manicure Challenge 2023

@RGbrown oh... my.... gawsh? THESE ARE SO CUTE!!!! ❤️😍❤️😍❤️ WTHECK @RGbrown!!!!! 

Re: Monthly Manicure Challenge 2023

@jaaayp @Samtian 

Thanks so much y'all! These were a blast to make 💖

Re: Monthly Manicure Challenge 2023

@RGbrown oh my gosh I am obsessed with these!!!

Re: Monthly Manicure Challenge 2023

…and taking it to another level, @JoSometimes …is @RGbrown. The bleeding heart stamp, wow, that is gorgeous. I’ve never tried that technique and frankly, I just want to admire it because I do not need another rabbit hole to fall into 🤣

Re: Monthly Manicure Challenge 2023


Thanks so much! And I totally get not wanting to fall in the rabbit hole 😂

Re: Monthly Manicure Challenge 2023

Ha! And I just noticed another of your nails is stamped lily of the valley 🌟 You are so talented!!

Re: Monthly Manicure Challenge 2023

Woooooow!!!! Your stamping is on another level @RGbrown !!! Spectacular!! 😍😍😍 Such a gorgeous way to give your pastel mani a twist!

Re: Monthly Manicure Challenge 2023

@Saradestin @CynthieLu @Titian06 

Thanks so much y'all! 🌸

Re: Monthly Manicure Challenge 2023

Your stamping is sooo pretty! @RGbrown 

Re: Monthly Manicure Challenge 2023

Your stamping looks awesome, @RGbrown ! 🤩🌻🌷💖

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