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Manicures! cheap or costly?

hey there beautiful gals! Ive missed beautytalk a lot as I haven't been on a s much as I used too, but I'm really going to try to be on here a lot but grades come first so, I will be on here every opportunity I can! Smiley Happy so today I wanted to talk to y'all about manicures. would you spend a costly amount on the professional nail jobs done at  a salon or would you go out and buy the sets you can do at home? As I can't see myself paying such an extreme amount for something I could do at home today I'm going to go the dollar store and hopefully get a French manicure set! then I will apply them and give you ladies the feedback. So I'd like to know what's your style DIY or professional and what type of nail's do you actually like? post pics of your finger accessories! Smiley Happy


Peace and love, Londonlover101

Re: Manicures! cheap or costly?

I prefer to just DIY. But, I don't do fake nails. I prefer to just paint/decorate my natural nails. I've actually NEVER gone to get my nails done. 1) I think it's a waste of money 2) I can't even walk by a nail salon without getting woozy.

Re: Manicures! cheap or costly?

My average mani is about $10. I'd rather get a polish change just to have my nails reshaped or just go in to the salon and ask them to reshape my nails since I cannot file my nails for poopy. I usually just bring my own polish from home. I don't really do nail art since it comes off due to my swimming. (Competitive swimmer=nail polish will not last for a week unless I act like a sissy outside the pool!) 

Re: Manicures! cheap or costly?

With all the money I spend on nail polish, it would be a waste not to do my nails myself at home. Just did them tonight actually




Essie Devil's Advocate


It looks black in the picture, but it is actually a deep purple, very similar to OPI Lincoln Park After Dark.

Re: Manicures! cheap or costly?

I'm actually far too cheap/lazy to go get my nails done professionally XD Maybe I'll do it one day just for fun, but I prefer to do my nails myself. I bought a Dior French Manicure pen because I've always wanted to try out that look, and with some practice I feel pretty certain I can make the look myself nicely! Besides whenever I hear about people going it seems to take HOURS and I can do my nails way faster at home. I don't wanna be stuck in a nail salon for such a long amount of time. 

Re: Manicures! cheap or costly?

hey dolls! I know this post hasn't been up since last year but guess what? I just did my nails and I quite like them! I used the dollar store nails (im not gonna even lie they are cheap and do fall off after a while like dannyc said, but so far they haven't so im gonna ride it out and get all my moneys worth until they do) I painted the underside of the nails a soft seashell pink and then trimmed them down so they wouldn't look like claws, then I used kiss's maximum speed nail glue, sorry if the pic is bad I had to use my computer (now I cant say they look as fantastic as lylysa's but they look pretty darn ok for a dollar dontcha think? Smiley Happypicture236.jpg

Re: Manicures! cheap or costly?

YAYY!!! hey beauties, I know this topic hasn't been up for a few weeks but....Yesterday I went to the dollar store because I had some time off, and purchased two packs of the airbrush nails in clear ,thinking from the picture that they would be more of an opaque or frosty color but when I pulled them out of the package the actual nail was completely clear except for the white tip (when I was there I saw about five different sets and the closest to a French looking manicure was this awful ugly bright salmon pink which was one of the worst impressions of a French manicure I have ever seen)The box did not include any nail glue so I cant apply them yet but what I did was I took one of my bobbypin collection nail polishes in a soft pink natural hue and applied it to each nail on the underside so that the top would stay glossy and untouched. now they look fantastic! I highly recommend getting these so that you can customize them to you own taste with your own colors, for the dollar tree I think these are an amazing buy! Smiley Very Happy <3upload_3997908445289918879.jpg

Re: Manicures! cheap or costly?

I've tried these types of nails before, but they pop off after an hour or two. I'm heavy on my hands Smiley Sad 

The only thing that works for me at home is gel manicures. It takes a while for me to do them, but no dry time when I'm done & I can get them to last 2-3 weeks. I even got a clear polish at Sally's so I can use it as a base & then paint my nails with my regular polish. Only downside to that is I then need to wait for my nails to fully dry before I apply the gel topcoat. LED lamps do not dry regular polish Smiley Tongue 

Just an FYI... you can use crazy glue in place of nail glue. I used to do that when I would get pink & white gels or acrylics done at the salon Smiley Wink 

Re: Manicures! cheap or costly?

I've never had a salon manicure.  I've been DIYing my nails since I was 12, and I'm 28 now, so I'm quite confident in my abilities. Smiley Happy  I'm also not terribly flashy and tend to stick with either a solid color or some sort of glitter gradient.  I get compliments on both.  At a spa I was asked if I'd gotten a manicure there - nope, I'd done my nails myself several days before.  I also did a friend's nails with a glitter gradient for her wedding.


Sorry, I've yet to figure out how to post pictures.

Re: Manicures! cheap or costly?

I'm a DIY kind of girl, I've gotten a manicure, pedicure, gels, and acrylics a couple times each at salons and afterward I'm left with this lack luster feeling because I've been painting my own nails for forever and when I do "splurge" and I walk away feeling like what I paid or is no different than what I could have done, then I just feel like I've wasted money.


The one time I felt it was completely worth it was when I got 3D acrylic Hello Kitty heads and flowers on my nails for my cousin's wedding in Hawaii. I was able to quickly pick up the process while watching and now if I decide to venture down that line I can, I just have to get the powders/activating liquid.


After getting about 4 or so gel manicures, I invested in my own LED gel set. Gels are my life saver, my nails are weak without some type of polish and regular stuff used to chip like crazy because I worked with my hands/were rough on them so they would at least last a week and a half. I love doing my own gels and even top off regular polish with the gel top coat so I'm not repurchasing colors from regular to gel formulations.


I once got tips/acrylics done at a salon and asked for the tips to have zebra print with some glitter on the stripes, granted I could have done this myself, my friend and I were killing time while out, and the lady looked at me like I had 3 heads. I showed her a picture of the print (white with black stripes) and she just goes "Tiger...????" So I agreed to that as she didn't seem to grasp using white and black, but she ended up painting my tips black and did gold glitter stripes! They didn't look bad, but she missed what I was going for entirely. >.<


2012-09-11 09.34.29.jpg2012-08-25 15.32.50.jpg2012-08-06 14.14.29.jpg2012-06-19 17.33.23.jpg2012-09-18 11.40.52.jpg2011-11-18 16.37.08.jpg2012-09-30 18.34.27.jpg2012-02-06 19.49.20.jpg0225010750.jpgprltncrp.jpg

Those are some of the photos of my nails that I've posted in some nail threads in BT Smiley Happy

Re: Manicures! cheap or costly?

Beautiful!  I really love the neutral nail with green glitter tips.  I think even I could pull that off (I'm not a flashy nail person).

Re: Manicures! cheap or costly?

Thanks, Wingatprsct! Smiley Very Happy


The ombre glitter was fun, I had a multi-glitter first, but added the green after. I love that shade, it's the same green I used for the Green Lantern (middle nail on bottom pic), it's from Orly called Here Comes Trouble!

Re: Manicures! cheap or costly?

I went to the salon for UV pink & white gels for years. I loved them, but they were expensive & I was too lazy to go get them done every 3 weeks. 
Depending on the occasion, it's an even tie for manicures at home vs the salon. Pedicures, I like to go once a month, every other month for them to really get the dead skin off. 

Gel polish I do at home. I bought a Red Carpet Manicure Kit from Ulta last year & buy gel polishes from Sephora, Sally's & Ulta. It takes me a good 2 hours to do them, because my LED light sucks, but I'm usually watching my Thursday night TV shows. 

Re: Manicures! cheap or costly?

I do mine myself.  Once in a while I feel like it would be nice for someone to clean up my cuticles, but I never get around to doing that.  After a few days my polish may chip from stuff I'm doing or I'm in the mood for a change.  It feels like a little time to indulge myself (and I have a much wider range of polish than some shops have.  I don't think I've seen the vivid blue of Nails Inc's Baker Street that I'm wearing now in the salons I've been in).


I had gel nails once -- I decided before a vacation last year when work was crazy that I would get my nails done.  I didn't know what I was asking for and got a gel manicure (and more expensive than some of you were saying). It lasted me about a week, not because it was peeling or chipping but because my nails grow so quickly that it was stretching strangely at the cuticle area.  I'd brought polish on vacation and thought I would just take it off -- no.  I ended up peeling it off and redoing my nails.  (Even regular polish lasts a lot longer when I'm not typing all day.)  My nails felt wrecked for quite a while and with my growth I'd have to redo gel weekly, I think.  (I cut over 1/8th of an inch off 12 days ago and I think almost 1/2 that amount has grown back again.)


There are some great polish tips on-line, especially for cleanup.  I like The Polishaholic's blog. Her tip to use an eyeliner brush and acetone or an acetone based remover to clean up has made my nails look so much better.


Oh, I agree, the "Out the Door" topcoat from Sally Beauty is great.  I also really love the "Bridge the Ridge" ridge filler basecoat that they have.  You totally can't tell the ridges that I have in my nails.

Re: Manicures! cheap or costly?

Good to hear from you Londonlover101!  I'm definitely going to have to check out the gels!  My nails have never been fast growers and I pick at them so they stay fairly short.  But I find when I keep them painted, I tend to leave them alone and let them grow. 


Good luck with your studies!

Re: Manicures! cheap or costly?

I have heard that the gels last a long time, but I worry about removal.  Don't your nails have to be soaked in remover, and doesn't that damage them?  This has kept me from trying the gels. 


My nails are basically healthy, and I want to keep them that way.  I would like my natural nails to look nice, but without causing problems.


I'd appreciate any input on this!  :-)

Re: Manicures! cheap or costly?

This was something I worried about before trying gel polish too.  You DO have to soak your nails in acetone for about 10 minutes to get the gel polish off.  However, my nails are still strong and healthy after having had this done this way for a couple of years now.  I don't notice it making my nails weak at all.  Of course I do immediately get another coat of gel manicure put right back over top, which strengthens them.  So I don't know how it would be if you had the gel taken off and didn't get more gel put over top.  But right before they put my polish on, my nails seem fine to me.

Re: Manicures! cheap or costly?

yay, its awesome to hear from all of you and great comments!

Re: Manicures! cheap or costly?

I feel a little silly about this, but I've never quite gotten the trick to getting the polish even and looking like it wasn't done by a 6 year old. Honestly, I think 6 year olds do their nails better than me. That being said, no matter what I do, my nails break and peel because of all of the outdoor activities I do, and playing guitar, etc. so I have to put something on them. I found that if I get gel nails done at the salon they last 2-4 weeks with no chipping or peeling or problems, so it's worth the cost for me just to go in and have it done and not worry about it.

Re: Manicures! cheap or costly?

I rarely get a manicure. It can get costly for something that doesn't necessarily last very long, and having played softball for a long time, I don't keep my nails very long. So it is much easier just to do them myself. Although it can be nice for a girl's bonding experience.

Re: Manicures! cheap or costly?

Back in the days when I LOVED French manicure, I had to go to a salon to get my nails done. I've tried doing that at home, but it would never work out right. Now, when my obsession with french nails has passed, I always do my manicure at home. I had to buy some tools, but it was absolutely worth it. Overall, I don't see the point in spending money on something that I can do myself

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