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Lemon Lime Nails

After applying my acrylics, I decided it was time for some nail art!  I was going to do Margarita nails, but my lime fimo pieces would blend too well in with the polish.  So I went with a Lemon Lime theme.  


Each time I do acrylics, I learn at least one new thing.  This time, I really noticed how runny the ASP Aspire products are.  I read that another person on Instagram was having a similar issue.  No matter how lightly I dipped my brush into the liquid, the final product, after picking up my first bead, would be runny on my nail.  I'm  not sure if that is part of the ASP formula or what.  Also, the fimo pieces would work a lot better if encased in acrylic by using color acrylic powder and clear, but I'm not up to that step yet lol.


frame nails.JPG


After the acrylic process, I used the following products:

Beauty Secrets Base Coat

China Glaze Entourage (yay for eBay!)

StripeRite in Silver Glitter (this was going to be my margarita salt lol)

Orly Quick Drying Top Coat

Nail Glue and Lemon Fimo Pieces

Cina Top Coat and Bonder


Now, let's see how long the lemon pieces last lol.

Re: Lemon Lime Nails

Thank you!  It's a fun and relaxing hobby if you ever want to give it a try!  Smiley Happy

Re: Lemon Lime Nails

wow, thats great

Re: Lemon Lime Nails

That looks really amazing! Do you buy canes and then cut them yourself or do you buy the fimo pieces pre-cut?


~We are all beautiful~

Re: Lemon Lime Nails

The ones I've bought so far are already pre-cut and stored in wheels.  The only place I've seen the pre-cut pieces (in store) is at Sally's.

Re: Lemon Lime Nails

I'm not a huge tequila fan, but I am craving a margarita right now! They look amazing! I love the silver stripe as that salt. So cute, so creative. Good job Kimmi! 

Re: Lemon Lime Nails

Thanks!  As the song goes, it's 5 o'clock somewhere! lol

Re: Lemon Lime Nails

I have been searching for a wooden clock with that quote for years! I need a nice, fun clock in our kitchen (we already have 3 digital clocks in there, want something fun for the wall) All the ones I've found are so cheesy. I know some bars can get them as promos from distributors, sadly my friend who owns 2 hasn't come across one yet Smiley Sad 

Re: Lemon Lime Nails

Have you tried looking on one of the Margaritaville websites?  Each restaurant location has its own unique site, and my mom noticed each site tends to have different items.  She loves beach theme stuff, so the kitchen has a Margaritaville theme to it lol.  I'm not sure if she found it on a Margaritaville site, eBay, or Amazon, but she has a clock that has a 5 for the 12, 3, 6, and 9 spots, and I believe it has the quote along with a parrot.  I'll have to get a picture of it.

Re: Lemon Lime Nails

I think that's the one I'm looking for! It's on wood right? All the other's I've seen are cheap looking. Like sellers made them in their garage for a quick buck. I'm going to search on the restaurant sites, that's an idea I didn't think of yet. Thanks for the tip Smiley Wink 

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