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Lemming for Barielle June Bug

I fell in love with this nail polish, but apparently it came out last spring. Anybody know of a dupe for it or knows where I might be able to find it??? I haven't even been able to swap for it on MUA! I'm DYIN' over here!! Must have as blue is my favorite color, I love glitter and my birthday is in June! It was, like, made for me!!!

Re: Lemming for Barielle June Bug

Ooh! That is a really unique looking polish...would it be possible to dupe the base color and add magenta glitter? (I have never tried, but I'm wondering if it could be a DIY project...not sure, though!)


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Re: Lemming for Barielle June Bug

Bon jour, my friend! You won't believe this, but I actually found someone on etsy who does custom nail polish colors. She is trying to duplicate the color as we speak! It's probably going to end up having red glitter as opposed to magenta/fuschia because the fuschia glitter she had was so fine that it would end up becoming a shimmer part of the base color rather than the suspended contrasting glitter dots. So I told her to go ahead and use red, since that is such a unique part of this polish! I wish I had known about this polish when if first came out-- it was created to raise funds for Ovarian Cancer research. I LOVE it when my purchases help others! IT's like a double bonus! That's what I loe about doing the TSB's too!


Re: Lemming for Barielle June Bug

Let us know how it turns out! I LOVE Etsy...I always find 50 things I want to buy every time I'm on the site Smiley Happy

Re: Lemming for Barielle June Bug

I definitely will!!

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Re: Lemming for Barielle June Bug

I really love that polish! I'm very sad I can't buy it anywhere.

Re: Lemming for Barielle June Bug

@daisy: I'll let you know how the etsy girl does with making the dupe!!!


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