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Keep That Polish Shiny & No Chips Please

I have been using the Sephora- OPI brand nail polish and really like it but it does chip within a day or two.  


I'm looking for a top coat that dries quickly and keeps polish from chipping for at least a few days.


Anyone have a good top coat recommendation that keeps polish looking great?


I've heard good things about Silky Wet Look Topper. 


Re: Keep That Polish Shiny & No Chips Please

when I wash dishes, about 90% of the time.  When I garden I always start off wearing them but they end up on the ground (I've bought a few different pairs and they are too big & dexterity is lost out the window)

Re: Keep That Polish Shiny & No Chips Please

@roxystar4 - I was going to suggest that you try gloves to help extend your nail polish wear, but since you already do...  Yea, I understand about the gardening gloves!

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