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In Search of Obedient Nails

My nails are brittle, thin, ridged, and just overall disobedient,...They don’t grow very fast, but as soon as they start to get some length,they peel in every direction and break and fall apart. I’ve tried biotinand various supplements and just about everything else, to no avail... I figured I would ask here just in case one of you lovely people has an answer that would solve my woes. Any suggestions of products or remedies that could help strengthen and grow? Thanks in advance!!

In Search of Obedient Nails

My sister once had to grow back her nails from scratch because they became brittle. She used a nail hardener infused with garlic to help them become healthy again. Have you tried those?

Re: In Search of Obedient Nails

Have you tried a good cuticle oil?  That helped me grow my nails because it kept them strong and I also take the HUM killer nails supplement.  That actually makes them grow faster, and I have noticed a difference.  I would go with a cuticle oil first and then maybe try a base coat that is conditioning.  Nails Inc and Ciate London are my personal faves.  

RE: Re: In Search of Obedient Nails

I have a cuticle oil but don’t use it regularly, I didn’t think it could help with my nail issues but I’m so glad to hear it can! I’ll definitely be applying it more often now, along with my Nails Inc. base coat (definitely one of my favorites too)... Thanks for your response!

RE: Re: In Search of Obedient Nails

Try putting cuticle oil on daily, especially if you keep your hands in water or any type of typing. I also take nail vitamins and my nails are now extremely long. I started wearing gel polish on top once they started to grow. To give them extra protection.
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