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I'm Running Out of Acrylic Topic Titles Lol.

Over the weekend, I practiced more with acrylic on my nails and my mom's nails.  It's such fun!  My mom is also an excellent volunteer.  She comes to me and asks when I'm going to do her nails lol.  


Here are a couple of pictures of mom's nails.  She wanted French white tips with an ocean blue stripe.


I think this nail came out the best of the bunch.



I went with natural shade tips, but I need to work on getting them look the same length.


Both hands.


 Left hand.  I'm slowly trying to make it the acrylic thicker, but they hold up well while playing with Brutus and Meat Head lol.


Right hand, and I am a right handed person.


I decided to apply some polish.  Sally Girl in Pink It Up and Atomic Polish in Bowie in Space.

Re: I'm Running Out of Acrylic Topic Titles Lol.

I saw some girls playing with it in-store tonight and was sorely tempted to play, but I was trying not to linger.


Re: I'm Running Out of Acrylic Topic Titles Lol.

Love the natural look looks great !!!!!!! Keep it up, can you come and do mine?? mine always look horrible when i do them. Smiley Happy!!!

Re: I'm Running Out of Acrylic Topic Titles Lol.

Thank you!  If I could, I would teleport there because it would be more practice for me lol.

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