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I love this nail polish color

For some reason I'm obsessed with this color: "Every Month Is Oktober Fest" by OPI 



Something about this colour is so...mysterious. Yes, it's a deep red with shimmer, but there's another level to it. I don't know, I can't describe it....


I also love matte nial polish. Something about the lusterless effect makes the nail polish so suphisticated....

Re: I love this nail polish color

I know what you mean- the blackened red that looks like it's lit from within. Very vampy.  I wish I could find a blackened emerald green color with the same effect.

Re: I love this nail polish color

I think so. I mean the depth of the color, the mystery O_O 

Re: I love this nail polish color

WOW! That matte-non matte manicure is genius. I love it. I'm going to try that out myself next chance I get.

Thanks so much for posting!

Re: I love this nail polish color

I agree this color is amazing so much I had need to find a backup. Thank you for the matte image I will have to try that some time it look awesome. Oh if you like purples you should try OPI Vampsterdam it's very similar but has a more purple tone to it. Also wet n wilds Lethal Injection is great too. 

Re: I love this nail polish color

I LOVE PURPLE o_o Something about nail polish is can find hundreds of colors, or rather infinitely many colors, I don't know about you but I love nail polish 

Re: I love this nail polish color

I have too many nail polishes but I keep buying more haha. My true favorite is dark vampy ones but lately I've gotten into pastels which shocked me so much I was scared haha. I also have so many black base silver sparkle nail polishes I'm good for years. 


I just now wish eyeshadows would come in as many colors as nailpolish does ^_^

Re: I love this nail polish color

Ironically, i don't have many nail polishes (because my nails are awful T_T) so I get them done at the salon often, because of that, and I love nail polish. I personally like light pinks, then nudes/neutrals/ then dark polishes. 


Re: I love this nail polish color

My nails were awful too I tried this stuff they sale at sallys (they might sale it at other places though) called Nail Magic Nail hardener and it worked so great for me they don't peel or break anymore so maybe you should try it. 


Can you suggest any light pinks I've been really like them lately. 

Re: I love this nail polish color

This is OPI Pink Friday, it's more of a bubble-gum pink and it's really cute

This is I Theodora You, and I own this color, it's really feminine and beautiful


This is Mod About You and it's more of a lavander-pink

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