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Sorry about that Smiley Happy

NAIL POLISH! I am a nail polish freak! I love funky, bold, dark, glittery, bright, shimmery, fun colours. Although glitter is sometimes a pain to take off & cream ones tend to streak (at least on me) but I LOVE THEM ALL!. I like funky bold colours the best though. My collection is too big and I'm constantly trying to justify buying new ones, "oh I'll get rid of an old one" or "this colour is similar to another one so I'll throw out the older one". Ya right. Lol! I usually have to throw them out once they start taking forever to dry though. That's when I know they're a little "too old". I'm not a big fan of the base coat, colour & then top coat. I don't have the patience for that so if I find a polish chips easily I won't buy that brand again, unless the colour is AWESOME lol! Then I will put a top coat on.

Re: I LOVE...

OMG! I'll totally have to look that up on YouTube now! Lol!

Re: I LOVE...

It was such a surprise too!

Re: I LOVE...


Re: I LOVE...

Google it then hit the Shopping tab, it'll bring up some links since it was a 2011 limited edition color.

Re: I LOVE...

Who doesnt love lamp lol!!! I love nail polish but only shellac because its the only one that lasts on my hands without chipping =). 

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