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Sorry about that Smiley Happy

NAIL POLISH! I am a nail polish freak! I love funky, bold, dark, glittery, bright, shimmery, fun colours. Although glitter is sometimes a pain to take off & cream ones tend to streak (at least on me) but I LOVE THEM ALL!. I like funky bold colours the best though. My collection is too big and I'm constantly trying to justify buying new ones, "oh I'll get rid of an old one" or "this colour is similar to another one so I'll throw out the older one". Ya right. Lol! I usually have to throw them out once they start taking forever to dry though. That's when I know they're a little "too old". I'm not a big fan of the base coat, colour & then top coat. I don't have the patience for that so if I find a polish chips easily I won't buy that brand again, unless the colour is AWESOME lol! Then I will put a top coat on.

Re: I LOVE...

Give me an awesome glittery purple or teal polish and I'm one happy girl! What are some of your favorites Catherine?


And while we're at it, anyone have a solution for this nail polish problem? Fairly new Essie polish- there is this layer of pigment sitting at the bottom of the bottle that no matter how much I shake it, won't blend back in with the rest of the polish.

Re: I LOVE...

@crayzeeRN- London Butter has a polish called KnackeredI have it and it's really pretty it has a shift to it.

Re: I LOVE...

That is really pretty, I'll have to take a look at it in stores!

Re: I LOVE...

@crazyRN- It's your glittery purple and teal all in one bottleSmiley Happy

Re: I LOVE...

Knackered is awesome! I just recently tried London Butter nail polishes and I am in love! I bought Knackered, Victoriana, No More Waity Katie, The Black Knight & Disco Biscuit. I want to get a few more too lol. I love China Glaze-Awakening, Zoya-Chloe & Maisie (love these over black polish), Sephora-Midnight Crawl & It's Time To Rock, Sephora X-Shifty (Topper), Rimmel London-Grey Matter, OPI-Significant Other Colour, Give Me The Moon, OPI Ink, Sephora OPI-S Age Is Just A Number, How Cute Is That, 212 Sephora, If You've Got It Haunt It, Nails Inc. Special Effects-Cheyne Walk (Mirror Metallic) & Electric Lane (Holographic Glitter Top Coat but I wear it by it's self most of the time) & 3 from Love & Beauty (found in Forever 21)-one is silver grey with very fine gold shimmer, one is silver grey with very small pink glitter & the last is black with pink glitter. Those are just some of my favs lol!

Re: I LOVE...

I love OPI Ink and Significant Other Color too!


Have you seen OPI It's My Year?

Hard to find a picture that does it justice because it changes depending on lighting and the colors shifts a lot too!


Re: I LOVE...

That looks Enablers R' Us powers have turned on for today!

Re: I LOVE...

Always happy to enable!! Especially when it comes with super powers Smiley Happy

Re: I LOVE...

I have the same problem with some nail polishes separating. I find those little metal balls that are in some polishes very effective at mixing things back up. This is tricky but I can sometimes take them out of one bottle, clean them and then put them in another that needs to be mixed better. If you try this just be VERY careful as I once got polish EVERYWHERE! I was also lucky enough to find some little metal balls (sorry I forget where) that I can add when needed.

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