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Help with acrylics

So, I’ve recently become the girl who always has my nails done. I go in every two weeks for a fill and I’ve been doing this since around October of last year. I’m wondering, what is the standards for acrylics? Is it okay to keep doing this or do I need to take them off for a time and let my nails grow back? I’ve never been more than the once a year kind of person to get my nails done so this is all new to me. Any help is appreciated!

Re: Help with acrylics

@Samrgreene I used to get acrylics for 10 years and then switched to shellac manis. I would get a new set, then two fills and then give my nails a break. They became so thin towards the end and that's why I switched. 



Re: Help with acrylics

@Samrgreene Every two weeks is a lot! For me at least hah. I used to do acrylics, and I usually filled them every 3.5 weeks. In either case - definitely give them a break every once in a while. I had mine for a full year, and when I had them removed as a breather, they were so thin, brittle and dry I couldn’t grow them at all. They would literally break and peel the second they were grown slightly above the end of my finger. I totally feel you about having nice nails all the time - recently I started doing shellac/gel on my natural nails. It’s not amazing for your nails, and I’m sure I’ll need to give them a break at some point, but I find it to be less damaging to my natural nails compared to acryclics, and they still look done. Plus now that all the damage from the acrylics overuse has grown out, I can have decently long nails without worrying that they’re gonna break.

Re: Help with acrylics

Hi @Samrgreene ,


I am the same way. I do not get acrylics often but I usually take a break and allow my nails to grow stronger. Acrylic nails can weaken your nails. You may want to try alternatives such gel or dip powder. I hope that this helps. 



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