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Have any of you tried Formula X?

Just saw these, and they seem interesting. First thing, they're a dollar more expensive than the Sephora by OPI polishes. Second, i'm not sure I like the packaging. it looks a wee bit cheap to me, and the white looks like it can get pretty dirty. Just by looking at the colors, they aren't too special. Most of them don't have shimmer or glitter, which I like. Have any of you tried it? All of the reviews so far are positive. 

Re: Have any of you tried Formula X?

I think it's pretty on par with what I can get at the drugstore, sad to say. Reminds me of Essie polishes in consistency and application. There's nothing really wrong with them, I'm just not sure they're worth the price.  Pretty colors though. I really like the variety that's being offered.

Re: Have any of you tried Formula X?

I purchased the color Illustrious and I really like it, but at the same time, I am not very picky on polish. All brands chip on my very quickly, Even with a base and top coat, I can't go more than 2 days. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong when I hear girls going a week without polish chipping. Anyway, this color is the perfect mint green for me, so pretty! It has the faintest bit of shimmer just so it is not sparkly, but also isn't flat matte. I also bought the color Larger Than Life which I plan on wearing today, just haven't tried it out yet. I actually like the packaging. I like square bottles better because they line up nicely on my shelf.What I don't like is the stupid cap (same goes with Marc Jacobs) that pops off to reveal another cap underneath. I just don't understand the double cap thing because the one underneath makes it hard to grip.

Re: Have any of you tried Formula X?

Hi glossy guru, 


just wanted to chime in to you post! I tried the Formula X polishes about a week or so ago and loved them! I tried two really heavy glitters (Celestial and Sparklebomb) and they were SO pretty! Easy to take off considering they were heavy glitters as well.






Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Have any of you tried Formula X?

I totally have my eye on Celestial!!

Re: Have any of you tried Formula X?

Don't forget that the bottles are 0.4 oz instead of 0.5 like Sephora by OPI.  So if you compare them to SOPI in 0.5 oz bottles, it would be $13.13 for the $10.50 bottles, and $15.63 for the $12.50 bottles.  It's little changes like that which really bug me.

Re: Have any of you tried Formula X?

I got the 100 point perk. Color is really nice, goes on well, 1 coat did a good job but I always put 2, seems to dry fast and looks good once I was done.  But like any nail polish on me it starts chipping and peeling after a day.  Doesn't matter what I do or what products I use.  Smiley Sad

Re: Have any of you tried Formula X?

I got the 100 pt perk too and found it to be just your average nail polish.  It starting chipping on the second day (which is typical for me) even with a good base and top coat.

Re: Have any of you tried Formula X?

I felt the same way at first, but then I tried the base coat...


Re: Have any of you tried Formula X?

I got the 100 point perk red but haven't tried it. When I was in the store a lot of the glitters and a few of the metallics caught my eye, but I'm on a polish low buy so I didn't get any. I'm sure I will eventually purchase a few, though!


I was going to do a polish no buy, but that lasted for about a day. Smiley Sad

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