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Grr, air bubbles in my nail polish

how can I salvage my manicure without having to redo it all? The top coat went on fine but dried with little air bubbles under the surface. my husband says it's not noticeable but it is driving me nuts. Should I redo it or can shadow something to smooth it all out? Thanks!

Re: Grr, air bubbles in my nail polish

To avoid bubbles, be sure each layer of polish (be it base coat/color coat/top coat) is completely dry before applying the next.


Another tip is rather than shake a bottle, which will cause air bubbles to form, roll the bottle back and forth between your palms to mix if the polish has separated.


Be sure to keep all polishes away from humid, hot, or steamy areas. Higher temperatures can cause formulas to thicken, changing the consistency. Cooler temperatures don't allow for polish to set as quick.


Depending on the severity of the bubbles, sometimes you can fix surface bubbles and scuffs by taking a clean paint brush dipped in nail polish remover or even dip your finger tip into remover and lightly go over the area or "rub" out the problem area. Use gentle/light pressure so the remover only dissolves/works on the surface layers of polish and it'll help move it back in place to where it's needed.

Re: Grr, air bubbles in my nail polish

Hi LCResz-


I hate when that happens! It can be for a number of reasons, sometimes the formula is a bit too thick and takes longer to dry. Also, if you are using a base coat wait in between coats for all the polish to dry before applying another layer.


You can also put on a glitter or shimmery nail polish to try to cover it up!

<3 Melissa

Re: Grr, air bubbles in my nail polish

Oh Poo!

I hate when that happens. I don't know of any way to fix it. Next time, don't shake the bottles. Try rolling them between your hands.

Your husband is probably right-- no one will notice but you. Disappointing, I know, but probably not worth starting over.

Re: Grr, air bubbles in my nail polish

Hmmm, I didn't shake the bottle, but I'm wondering if I applied it too soon, like the color wasn't set enough? It didn't happen on all the nails, just a couple, that's why I'm so annoyed, lol.

Re: Grr, air bubbles in my nail polish

Yeah. It could definitely happen if each coat wasn't dry before the next. It is hard to be patient though. That's something I've been working on too. I recently started being really careful about allowing extra time between coats and my manicures have been a million times nicer. For me, the trick is that I have to have something to pass the time with while I wait-- something that won't bump my nails. A book or magazine helps. Or playing solitaire on the computer.

Re: Grr, air bubbles in my nail polish

I usually hate doing my nails but I have been inspired by BT, I love the manicures featured! one of these days I might even try a design Smiley Wink

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