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Glitter Gradient Nails?

How do you do them? Lol i've never tried but i have on a some Coral Nail Polish and want to do something fun with glitter like the picture below but i don't know how to do them! Anyone got any ideas! Smiley Happy



Picture was taken from Google. 

Re: Glitter Gradient Nails?

Glad you posted this topic arielaaaaaaaa! I've been wanting to try this look since I purchased a bunch of the Sephora/OPI jewelry top coats! Love how your nails turned out!

Re: Glitter Gradient Nails?

Thanks! You should do it! And show us how it turned out Smiley Happy

Re: Glitter Gradient Nails?

Will definitely do! Once I stop being lazy and actually paint my nails that is... I've needed to do my toes for about 2 weeks now, and currently can't because I have a really bad cut near the cuticle on one of my toes Smiley Sad

Re: Glitter Gradient Nails?

Aww That doesn't sound good! Smiley Sad

I hope it gets better!!! Can't wait to see how your nails turn out! 

Re: Glitter Gradient Nails?

Here was my attempt!! (when i had long natural nails)swfupload_5336815294160882820.jpg

Re: Glitter Gradient Nails?

Those are really Good! Love the colors! My next attempt will be starting at the tips. 

Re: Glitter Gradient Nails?

Your nails look great, @arielaaaaaaaa! 

Re: Glitter Gradient Nails?

Thanks Smiley Happy

Re: Glitter Gradient Nails?

Yayy i did it! Smiley Happy

Well i'm happy with the result. I could do better, but i got a little Glitter happy.. haha!

I couldn't open the other two bottles of polish, haha! So i used the Spark-Tacular!


Didn't clean them up afterwards cause i'm too anxious to show you all! Smiley Happy

Re: Glitter Gradient Nails?

Very Pretty!

Re: Glitter Gradient Nails?


Re: Glitter Gradient Nails?


Re: Glitter Gradient Nails?

Thanks! Smiley Happy

Re: Glitter Gradient Nails?

And i did my other hand successfully!! And i used my Kensington Top coat for the first time. Love how fast it dried!! Smiley Happy

Re: Glitter Gradient Nails?

High five!!!!

Re: Glitter Gradient Nails?

Cute! I love that multi paired with that base color! ^_^ I think you did quite well and I definitely got the idea of the glitter fading!

Re: Glitter Gradient Nails?

Thanks. Smiley Happy

Hopefully i can do my other hand haha! 

Now time for my new Nails Inc. Caviar Top coat! Smiley Happy

Re: Glitter Gradient Nails?

Okay now i need help choosing a Glitter!! Smiley Happy


Here's what is currently on my nails!



And then the glitters i have, 


Red Glitter


A Dark Grey/silver Glitter


And a Silver Glitter with multi-colored glitters mixed in. 


I just can't choose, so help!?

Re: Glitter Gradient Nails?

Hey Arielaaaaaaaa - I have all 3, and I would go w/ Sparktacular (bottom multicolor). Because it has smaller glitters mixed in and a clear base, it's better for beginners trying to do gradients. The middle one has a bunch of large glitters, so it's harder to get them placed where you want (you have to dab, not pull!) and the top red one has a red base, so it will show up on your pink polish and it will be harder to get that ombre effect. 


I've done some gradients w/ the bottom one and they also work out well. Just remember it's hard to screw up a glitter gradient, so go for it!

Re: Glitter Gradient Nails?

Thanks @Candacebt. I will most likely do that one because i can't open the other two haha! They are screwed on super tight and i'm the only one home right now haha! 

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