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Glam creative nail inspirations.

I get my nails done every month and always love to glam them up with different colors, designs, acrylic sculpted art, bling you name it! Would love to see your Acrylic or Gel creative manis as well for future ideas! Here’s a picture of my most recent set. Amazing purple chrome with Swarovski & pixie crystals done by Lily at the Nail Gallery at Keele & Wilson in Toronto.

RE: Glam creative nail inspirations.

Getting my nails done is my treat to myself and absolute relaxation time!! Here are a few of my looks..

RE: Glam creative nail inspirations.

My current nails. The picture is terrible but the pink is bright and the dots are a mermaidy teal!

Re: Glam creative nail inspirations.

Wow, those nails are stunning, @shantel80! Be sure to share them in the Show Me Your Nails 2.0 thread. It's a popular thread where people show off their nails. Smiley Happy


Show Me Your Nails 2.0

RE: Re: Glam creative nail inspirations.

Thanks! Will do!
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