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Gel Nails versus Acrylic versus Pink&White?

Hi Ladies!


So normally when I get my nails "done", I've been getting pink and white - similar to acrylic, but it's French-style, and the salon I went to used to have colors that I could get. I really loved them, since the color never faded or chipped, but my nail salon closed. Smiley Sad


I've only ever gotten gel nails once, and I think she gave me a gel manicure and not "gel nails" - it was no good, but I'm willing to give it another try.


What kind of nails do you prefer, if you get fake nails? Which do you abhor?

Re: Gel Nails versus Acrylic versus Pink&White?

Are you getting "Gel Nails" for length?


If you aren't going for length & you're OK with your own nails, I like OPI LED polish on top of natural nails.


I had "Pink & White" done once & I hated it because the Pink separated from the White!

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