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Fruity Drink Toes

I don't usually post pedicures, but since I didn't get yelled at on Facebook and IG, I decided to give it a shot.  BeautyTester sent me a link to some colorful fruity drinks, and they were the inspiration for this subtle gradient on my toes.  I wear flip flops, sandals, and wedges, a LOT during the summer, so my toes must be polished with at least one color lol.  I didn't watermark it for IG because if someone steals a picture of a person's toes.....get a hobby lol.



This was also the first time I did some sort of gradient on my toes.  I didn't want an extreme gradient, so I applied the polish as lightly as possible while watching American Horror Story.  I didn't have any orange slice fimo pieces, so I topped my big toe off with a strawberry slice for a different pop of color.  



Bridge the Ridge Base Coat (fast drying!)

Avon Mark Girl On Trend polish in Creamsicle

Avon Pro Wear + polish in Mandarin Magic

Cina Top Coat and Bonder

Fimo Strawberry pieces


The drink that was the inspiration courtesy of BeautyTester:



Re: Fruity Drink Toes

It's like a orange/strawberry creamsicle!!! Smiley Happy


Love the change up from your regular mani posts to it being a pedi post!

Re: Fruity Drink Toes

Thanks!  I was a bit iffy about pedicure since pedicure are feet.  I remember one of my youth group leaders had a phobia about feet and thought they were the ickiest thing on Earth lol.  I figured other people in the world would be like that, too lol.

Re: Fruity Drink Toes

I like it!  Very summery!

Re: Fruity Drink Toes

Very cute color combination! I'll have to try this- I've been giving my nails a break before I go on vacation and wanted to do something cute and fun! Smiley Happy The pink and orange shimmery combo may have to be done on my own toes! 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Fruity Drink Toes

Shimmer shades are awesome for the summer!

Re: Fruity Drink Toes

Very cute! I've never done a colorful french mani! Seems perfect for summertime Smiley Happy

Whimsically yours,

Re: Fruity Drink Toes

Very cute!

Re: Fruity Drink Toes

Those are cute somehow we all knew you could do just as good on the toes and you are on the nails. And Melissa is right it makes me think of sherbert YUM!Smiley Happy

Re: Fruity Drink Toes

Thanks!  We all need sherbert and margaritas now lol.

Re: Fruity Drink Toes

Those are so cute Kimmi!!


And now I'm craving a margarita...

Re: Fruity Drink Toes

Thanks!  All this talk of margaritas is making me want one, too, but it's just 9:26 am at the moment.  I wonder if it's 5:00 somewhere LOL! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Fruity Drink Toes

It's always 5:00 somewhere haha!! One of the best parts of working night shift is that it makes it perfectly socially acceptable to go to breakfast with coworkers at 8 am and be able to drink Smiley Very Happy

Re: Fruity Drink Toes

How cute! I love this. Pink and orange is such a good combo. Remind me of rainbow sherbert!

<3 Melissa

Re: Fruity Drink Toes

Thank you!  I never thought of sherbert, but you're right!

Re: Fruity Drink Toes

Nice! I'm loving the pink/orange, reminded me of last yr's colorblocking trend!


Haha, who said you can't improvise. Maybe you can try with lime/lemon slices, tho now I really want some strawberries.......hmmm....strawberry orange margaritas?

Re: Fruity Drink Toes

Thank you for sending me the pictures!  Like I said, I saved the page to my favorites bar lol. I haven't used any lime slices yet, so I have plenty of them.  


Ooh... Strawberry orange margarita sounds amazing!  I've only had the lime and strawberry ones so far.

Re: Fruity Drink Toes

kimmi that looks so awesome!!!  the colors are so summery and the strawberry slice is just to die for!  and "get a hobby" LOL that was so funny! Smiley Very Happy  

Re: Fruity Drink Toes

Thanks!  It amazes me the pictures that people will steal off of Instagram and claim as their own.  I have actually seen a user steal a photo of a "famous" Instagram cat.  Really, claiming another cat as your own?  Crazy.

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