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Formula of Marc Jacobs nail polish?

So, naturally the first thing other than the eyeliner I bought during the MJ presale was a bottle of nail polish.


I'm having a terrible time with the formula- has anyone else ran into this?  Very slow dry times (still smudging an hour after a very thin coat), very soft even when they're "dry"?


And let me cut everyone off by saying I'm still using the same base coat/top coat combos that work with the other 300+ polishes in my collection. Smiley Happy


I like the color (Fluorescent Beige), but the formula is driving me batty!

Re: Formula of Marc Jacobs nail polish?

The formula differ slightly depending on the polish. I went through the reviews and separated them by colors (when stated). Not enough samples but supports my hypothesis. Here's the votes for each color:


Baby Jane – good (3)
Lola – good (3)
Le charm – good (2)
Shocking – good (1)
Delphine – good (1)
Gatsby – good (2), ok (1)
Petra – good (5), ok (2)
Jezebel – good (4), ok (1)
Oui, Ultra violet – good (1), ok (2), bad (2)
Fluorescent Beige – bad (2)


Personally Gatsby set quickly but chips a bit easily.

Le charm takes a bit longer to set but no streaks.

Stone Jungle is the best, no streak, set normal time, no chip.


I'm trying really hard to decide if I want Gatsby, Le Charm, or Stone Jungle. >.<

Re: Formula of Marc Jacobs nail polish?

I want to jump in here as well. I got the Fluorescent Beige as well as the Secret Love colours and found both to be smooth applying that dried quickly and well. I've been wearing them both for 4+ days and have very minimal rub-off at the tips of my nails, which is great because usually I am having to touch up the first day. I suspect I got two good bottles, because I've been really loving both colours.

Re: Formula of Marc Jacobs nail polish?

Just bought a bottle of MJ in ulta violet - terrible coverage. 4 coats and it still looks splotchy and uneven. Still drying, so I cant comment on how that turns out. Yucky and not worth $18 and it will be going back. Too bad because I love the color - but this stuff is AWFUL. So disappointing!

Re: Formula of Marc Jacobs nail polish?

The first time, I had a real hard time getting a smooth finish. I had written off MJ Nail Polish (I've nearly converted to all Chanel), but tried it again recently and it looks great.  I may have been a little more patient and did a better job getting excess polish off the brush before application..who knows!  So, maybe not give-up if this is a shade you can't find elsewhere.


I got it in Jezebel.  Maybe the formula for that particular color doesn't have the best finish?

swfupload_5636836176200592847.jpgIt's a nice oxblood color.  I used Seche Vite base and top coat.  But if you haven't tried it before, Chanel nail polish is so great - makes me look like a manicurist.  Closest to the Flourescent Beige may be Rose Cache (pinker).

I am currently loving Starlet (limited edition).


Re: Formula of Marc Jacobs nail polish?

I brought LOLA with me this evening for a mani/pedi.  My manicurist loved the formula and the brush even though it's on the short side.  She said it was very easy to work with.  The drying time was normal and the color is a fabulous tomato red.  No smudging or denting after I came home and made dinner and used the computer.   I usually get my nails done every two weeks so I will let you all know how it holds up over time. 

Re: Formula of Marc Jacobs nail polish?

I love this color! I bought it, but haven't used it yet. I always forget to bring the polishes with me when I go to the nail salon.

Re: Formula of Marc Jacobs nail polish?

I used Petra for the first time tonight and experienced nothing unusual in dry time.  If anything, I thought set pretty quickly!  I'm usually a total disaster if polish doesn't set quickly, but I actually managed to give myself a perfect manicure and let it dry without destroying it.  Maybe some of the bottles were off?

Re: Formula of Marc Jacobs nail polish?

I haven't experienced this problem. I own Petra, Baby Jane, and Lola. I've tried all three and they dry within the normal time frame comparable to all other polishes I've used. I wonder if the issue is exclusive to Fluorescent Beige, or if you somehow got a bad bottle?

Re: Formula of Marc Jacobs nail polish?

I can't speak for the Marc Jacobs polishes but I just wanted to say that the Marc Jacobs blushes don't seem to have much color payoff. The shades are beautiful in pan but not pigmented enough to when applied to skin. I bought the color Outspoken which is a cool toned lavender pink. I used so much product trying to get some color on my skin and ended up with nothing. My cheeks where more red just from rubbing my blush brush on them trying to get some color. I also heard the Marc Jacobs foundation oxidizes after a few hours to an unnatural looking color.

Re: Formula of Marc Jacobs nail polish?

I think it is largely dependent upon skin type and the brush you're using. I have very oily skin and I get the same wear time with MJ blushes as I do with my standby, NARS, which is approximately 7-8 hours.


I do find some colors more pigmented than others. I didn't bother with Naughty because it is too light to show up on my NC35 / 3Y08 skin. However, Obsessed, Irresistible, and Rebellious all have wonderful color pay-off (although Obsessed less so than the other two). I use a small head (i.e. stiffer) blush brush rather than a fluffier powder brush. I find it picks up the color easier, therefore, requiring fewer passes for the color to show up.

Re: Formula of Marc Jacobs nail polish?

Oh dear! Even with top coat? I wonder how it would work with seche vite...


Well, thanks for the warning, ladies, I might skip giving their polish a try.

Re: Formula of Marc Jacobs nail polish?

Oh no Smiley Sad I really wanted to buy one just to be fancy and have it lol, but seriously four hours after?!?!

Re: Formula of Marc Jacobs nail polish?

I don't have any myself, but yesterday my sister tried several colors on bare nails instore. I saw her four hours later and the polish still wasn't completely set. What a shame! 

Re: Formula of Marc Jacobs nail polish?

Hmm... that's both disappointing and a relief.


I love the bottle, I love the color... fighting the formula.


And this is why I normally stick to Chanel!

Re: Formula of Marc Jacobs nail polish?

I totally understand. I need my polish to dry fairly quickly. I just don't have time for smudges.

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