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Formula X Being Discontinued?

So I was just on Sephora's website and noticed that all Formula X products are half off, and the selection of nail polish colors has diminished significantly.  


Is Formula X being discontinued?! If so, it'll be a bummer since I love The System and Formula X is the only nail polish I use.

Re: Formula X Being Discontinued?

Probably I remember a while back sephora gave VIB members back when I was a VIB so this was a while ago free nail polish the kit was totally free I didnt even make a purchase so they probably didnt even think twice if they were discontinuing the product though lol makes more sense now.

Re: Formula X Being Discontinued?

Just in case this helps anyone...I tried to click on the link for "the colors" and it takes you back to the home page or tells you it's not available, but if you click on "quick look" you can add them to your cart from there. 

Re: Formula X Being Discontinued?

This is really disappointingSmiley Sad

Re: Formula X Being Discontinued?

they recently came on sale for $2 each but i kept missing them! 

Re: Formula X Being Discontinued?

They're on sale right now! 

Re: Formula X Being Discontinued?

i just added a bunch to my cart and they sold out before i could even checkout! Thanks anyway!

Re: Formula X Being Discontinued?

Formula X was the best nail polish I had ever used. Does anyone understand WHY it has been discontinued?

Re: Formula X Being Discontinued?

I called my local store today to see if they had any of their top or base coat in stock and YES!  was told they are no longer going to carry!Smiley Sad  Love the sale prices though!!

Re: Formula X Being Discontinued?

I practiced a mighty dose of self-control this past week.


Hit up a Ross and found a good plenty of full sized trio packs of Formula X polish (all of them appeared to have the black and white glitter shade Chaotic) for FORTY NINE-FRIKKIN CENTS!!!!!!!


I immediately grabbed about 6 of the trios before breathing and calming putting back 4 of them because I can to talk myself down from the ledge of over-indulging in nail polishes when my personal collection is definitely not low. I did break apart the sets and gave 3 away already so whew!

Re: Formula X Being Discontinued?

whaaaatttt?!?! i woulda bought em all!

Re: Formula X Being Discontinued?

I know.....for that price it was nuts. The colors weren't SUPER, so I chose the two prettiest sets Smiley Tongue.



Re: Formula X Being Discontinued?

  Nooo (」゚ロ゚)」 


  This is such a disappointment,and it seems so out of the blue! Has this been coming for awhile,and I'm just out of the loop? 


 Most of my favorite polishes are Formula X,and I've been meaning for ages to rebuy a couple that are running low.So sad now I've missed them forever ;3; 

Re: Formula X Being Discontinued?

@dreambean It did definitely come out of the blue!


Here is a tip to stalk the ones you want:

Add any of the in stock nail polishes to your loves list (note: make sure it's from the right category like "the colors," "the effects," etc.). When you're on your loves list, click "quick view," and all of the out-of-stock nail polishes will show up in that little window (only that window; they won't show up on the main product page). Then you can add the ones you want to keep an eye on to your loves list.

You can now see all of the out-of-stock polishes and add them to your loves list.


Hope this helps!


Re: Formula X Being Discontinued?

It was mentioned before, but Formula X can be found at some Marshall's and TJ Maxx stores! I've purchased some ombre kits as well as the "system" kit. They are steals compared to the sales prices at Sephora!

Re: Formula X Being Discontinued?

I am not sure if it's being discontinued or not....but I have to say if you end up looking for a new nail polish brand / system I completely recommend Red Carpet Manicure, they sell it at Ulta.  It's about 80.00 to get started because it is gel polish and you need a LED lamp for it, but SO worth it.

It lasts for about two weeks at a time for me and even then I only have to change it out because my nails have grown out.

If you're into gel polish I cannot recommend enough.  It has saved me so much $$$ instead of going to get my nails done.


Re: Formula X Being Discontinued?

I have been on the fence about gel polish for quite some time @CaityLaine. My main concern is that I have heard they really damage your real nails and once you stop using them your real nails are a mess for awhile. Do you have any thoughts on that?

Re: Formula X Being Discontinued?

@NancieNano I have the RCM set. I haven't used it in many months. It did damage my nails. I love having gel nails, but even with daily use of oil on my cuticles and nails, they were a mess when I took it off. 


I've decided just to use it before a vacation, or something special when I want perfect nails. 

Re: Formula X Being Discontinued?

Heads up! Check the sales section!!! A bunch of Formula X colors have just been added ... all for $5!!!


(FYI.. I tagged all the BTers below b/c they had posted in this thread that they were sad/upset about Formula X no longer being carried at Sephora. Therefore, I didn't want them to miss what might be possibly their last chance to buy from that brand.

Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 3.40.36 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 3.40.16 PM.png


I picked up this color:



Pic from:

Re: Formula X Being Discontinued?



Check out my post above.. Many of the Formula X colors are back on sale for $5.. Catch them while you can!!!

Re: Formula X Being Discontinued?

I was just eyeing this color @willa25!

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