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First Julep Order...

Well, I got my Naughty or Nice Mystery box, and Julep was definitely nice!!  IMG_2065.jpg

I forgot to put these in the pic:


So the mystery box had:

6 polishes

1 lip gloss

1 Blank Canvas Mattifying Primer

1 Rockstar Hand Cream

2 Foils Luxe Hand Cream

2 Foils Luxe Repair Serum

1 pack blotting papers

1 ½ black/ ½ brown eye liner


All for under $25!!!



And I got the add on (which I think these colors are the best of the bunch):



And here are close ups of the nail colors:





But I am so bummed... I tried the lip gloss on today, which is VERY nice, and the color is amazing... but look what happened when I tried to open it the second time!!  Smiley Sad  Boo




Re: First Julep Order...

Just a quick follow up.  So Julep came through and sent me a new lip gloss.  No questions asked after I sent the above pic of my broken gloss!  Yay!  Thank you Julep.

Re: First Julep Order...

They fixed up all my missing add-ons without a problem. Their customer service is really good. 

Re: First Julep Order...

I'm still waiting on mine. It should come today. Smiley Happy


Their after Xmas sale is supposed to be awesome. 

Re: First Julep Order...

I hope it comes soon...

Re: First Julep Order...

It finally came but all my add-ons were missing which was nine polishes.


I had added on two separate trios for $9.99 each and three singles for $4.99 each at check out and all my add-ons were not there.


After a couple of phone calls with their customer service (which rocks by the way) -- the sets are sold out but they still had the individual colors and agreed to send them to me at the reduced price that I had paid. 


I've had to call their customer service a couple of times in the last week or so about mistakes with my orders but they have been amazing. Super friendly and helpful. 


So I did get all my Mystery box stuff and Mystery add-on and love those and the others will come next week some time I guess. 

Re: First Julep Order...

Oh... so sorry your box was missing your extras!!  But, it sounds like they are getting it fixed up for you!!  The add ons were my favorite, so I am glad you got them!!  I sent an email to them about the lippie.  Hopefully I will get it replaced, because I really liked it!!!!

Re: First Julep Order...

They'll take care of it for you. Their customer service rocks. 

Re: First Julep Order...

The Naughty or Nice box was my first box from Julep too. I also thought it was a good deal. I am excited to see if I continue to have good luck with them. 

Re: First Julep Order...

Contact julep's customerservice  and tell them what happened to the lipgloss they might be able to send you a replacement. There customer  service rocks!

Re: First Julep Order...

I agree. Their customer service does rock. They sent me the wrong thing a couple of weeks ago and when I called they were so nice and expedited me a replacement. 

Re: First Julep Order...

Julep's formula wasn't bad but I found their packaging lacking. The bottle of polish really don't hold up well - and I don't abuse mine, they live in a small dark, cool cabinet where no one but me handles them and they all stay upright and aren't jostled. The number of broken lids I had in six months made me give up and trade 'em all in to Zoya. Mine didn't travel far, either, I live in Seattle, where Julep is! 

Re: First Julep Order...

Bummer... Since this is my first order and first Julep polishes, we'll see if I have the same problem.  I don't buy Hourglass lipgloss due to the packaging... the formula is fantastic, and colors great... but when one exploded in my purse, that was the end of that.  I have yet to try Zoya... another reason to get more polish!  Yikes.

Re: First Julep Order...

Wow that's amazing! Too bad about the lip gloss though. Awwwww..... Smiley Sad

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