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February Amethyst Nails

After giving my nails a break, for the most part, I did some nail art!  It feels like it has been forever since I've played with my polishes after cutting them down to work on reshaping and whatnot.  The weather is still ticking off my cuticles, though.  


Anyway, a while back, I believe it was PrettyinPa who said it would be neat to do some sort of design for each month's birthstone.  I think she said that when I shared my November nail art.  Well, I decided to go with that idea.  It was hard to capture the true shade of the purple, though.


feb birthstone nails.jpg

It's also my second attempt at the Half Moon manicure. The top two photos are my left hand which has 28 rhinestones.  Since I didn't have enough of the light purple rhinestones left, I had to use a darker purple for my right hand.  My right hand has 27 of them.  I used the Essie Grow Faster for Normal Nails as my base coat, China Glaze in Grape Juice, and Cina Top Coat and Bonder.  To apply the rhinestones, I used the It's So Easy Nails Picker Upper tool.


Back in January, I did try the Half Moon Manicure for the Garnet stone, but I wasn't too happy with how it came out.  So, I took a picture of the best nail and shared it on Instagram and Facebook.  Here it is:



I think the shades I used were China Glaze in Merry Berry and the red Sally Hansen Gem Crush polish.  I can't remember the name of it, but it came in a 4 piece mini set. 

Re: February Amethyst Nails

You know what? Just the other day I was thinking, "'s been a while since Kimmi's posted any nail threads!"


And now I get this! Score!


Love the purple and red, both are super elegant and lush looking! It's just the right amount of shimmer to each!



Re: February Amethyst Nails

Lol!  I hope to have some nailart time now.  I still have polishes I haven't tried out yet!  They need love and attention lol!

Re: February Amethyst Nails

I think that I have only one item in my whole collection that I havent tried yet so I'm pretty proud of myself because it used to be much more! Yikes! There's nothing worse than buying things that just sit there for *months* until you even try them once! Now I have to work on hitting pan...

Re: February Amethyst Nails

I'm pretty good at trying makeup out when I first buy something new, but nail polish is a different story lol.  I still have a few shades to try in the 15 piece mini set of Sephora by OPI polishes that my granny gave me for my birthday, and I have a few shades to try from Christmas.  Lanndan's family knows I love polish lol. 


I agree with you, hitting pan is a totally different story lol.

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