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Favorite Nail Polishes?

Just wondering what everyone's favs are in polish. Smiley Happy  Mine are Sacred Ground by SpaRitual, Turquoise & Caicos, Kisses & Bisses (usually over something else), Sexy Divide, Mademoiselle and Master Plan by Essie, Coconut Kiss, Go Crazy Red, Ruby Pumps, Haunting, Draped in Velvet and Bogie by China Glaze and butter London's Wallis.  I haven't cared too much about OPI in a while (because of formula) but I still love their Affair in Red Square.  Wow...  Long list on my part! Smiley Happy

Re: Favorite Nail Polishes?

I love nail inc.'s Nail Jewelry, it's a great way to spice up any colors you already have to get a glam look.



Re: Favorite Nail Polishes?

Hi Mightyclassy07,


What a great post. I love reading everyones favoritesSmiley Happy I like using pastels/milky polishes because they looked nice with my tan skin tone. Here are my top favorite polishes!


Butter London (has an amazing gel like finish)

Color Trout Pout-opaque cantaloupe

butter LONDON - 3 Free Nail Lacquer

Color Teddy Girl - bubblegum pink
butter LONDON - 3 Free Nail Lacquer
Sephora by OPI

Color Seeing Pink Elephants - opaque bubble gum pink
SEPHORA by OPI - Nail Colour
Color Hippo To Be Square - opaque lilac
SEPHORA by OPI - Nail Colour

<3 Melissa

Re: Favorite Nail Polishes?

My top 7 nail polishes


  1. China Glaze Hunger Games Collection in Stone Cold - literally makes your nails look like stone; google it!
  2. China Glaze in Liquid Leather - very shiny black
  3. Sinful Colors in Out of This World - like stardust
  4. Essie in Off the Shoulder - very nice pink though it can chip
  5. China Glaze Hunger Games Collection in Riveting - a stand-out orange
  6. Sinful Colors in Savage - matte robin's egg blue
  7. Essie in Playdate - sweet purple

Re: Favorite Nail Polishes?

Hi Mightyclassy07,


I'm in love with Sephora by OPI Jewelry Top Coats. Every shade, any time! Their a fast and easy way of keeping your tips on trend!




<3 Julianna

Re: Favorite Nail Polishes?

I used to strictly only use OPI nail polishes, but I have noticed that the formula isn't quite the same anymore. I bought a bottle of China Glaze recently and was very impressed in how well it went on and the coverage. I find the some times Essie's nail polish formulas are hit and miss - sometimes you can get great coverage with one colour and then another colour can be streaky when you're applying it.


A few of favourite nail polishes are:


Vodka and Caviar  - OPI

Ali's Big Break - OPI

Body Language - Essie (unfortunately it's discontinued so I'm trying to salvage what I have left of it)

Sweetheart - OPI

Bubble Bath - OPI

Recycle  - China Glaze

One Of A Kind - Essie

Light My Sapphire - OPI

Sparklicious - OPI

Hot and Spicy - OPI

MInt Candy Apple - Essie

Tease-y Does It - OPI



Re: Favorite Nail Polishes?

I'm a huge fan of the Zoya polishes! Formual is so nice and super shiny! The brush can take some getting used to though!

Re: Favorite Nail Polishes?

I've yet to use Zoya.  What's different about the brush?

Re: Favorite Nail Polishes?

The handle is shorter than say, OPI, for example or many other popular brands so it was a little clumsy at first. 

Re: Favorite Nail Polishes?

Good to know Smiley Happy

Re: Favorite Nail Polishes?

I've recently discovered Julep and those are cute, but I still love the OPI brand. My new fav is the Nikki Minaj line for this summer.

Re: Favorite Nail Polishes?

Hi mightyclassy07,


I have tons of favorite polishes! This season I've been reaching for mint, mauve, and rosy pink polishes. I've also been experimenting with different nail trends like ombre nails, going over polish with glitter, and the latest trend...caviar nails.


product image

product image

product image

product image


Whimsically yours,

Re: Favorite Nail Polishes?

Love Illamasqua's formula and staying power.  Smiley Happy

Re: Favorite Nail Polishes?

I like many colors, but I'm pretty loyal to certain brands.


China Glaze is a huge part of my collection.  I love Ruby Pumps, Material Girl, and Fairy Dust to name a few.


I have a few bottles, mainly minis, of Sephora by OPI.  I love the gray shade Frankly I Don't Give A-dam.


Last weekend, I picked up my first bottle of Essie!  It's a neon orange called Action!  It's currently on my finger and toe nails lol.

Re: Favorite Nail Polishes?

Essie is has some gorgeous colors.  They make the prettiest pinks and corals in my opinion Smiley Happy

Re: Favorite Nail Polishes?

Favorites in no particular order


Essie Playdate

Essie Turquoise and Caicos (though the formula of this one is streaky and difficult the color is so beautiful)

Sephora opi Cartwheels on the catwalk

Sephora opi I've gotta blush on you

OPI In-dia mood for love

OPI Elephantastic pink

NARS schiap

NARS orgasm

Butter London trout pout


Re: Favorite Nail Polishes?

I've been considering buying Trout Pout and the matching Lippy.  Lover-ly color!  (Eliza Dolittle anyone?)

Re: Favorite Nail Polishes?

My favorites are: 

1) OPI-parlez-vous (France Collection)

2) Nars-blue lagoon

3) Chanel- Particuliere

4) Essie- Flawless

5) Butter London- Marrow

6) OPI-One Less Lonely Girl (Justin Bieber Collection)

those are my some of my favorites... Smiley Happy

Re: Favorite Nail Polishes?

NARS polishes are GORGEOUS!  Esp. blue lagoon.  Never tried one but I am intrigued.  Didn't like Marrow on me but I like brighter purples. Thanks for sharing!

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