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Fake nails?

Are fake nails totally cheesy? Even when I stop biting my nails, they all seem to break simultaneously when they reach a good length. Are there any goods brands out there?

Re: Fake nails?

I had the same problem for as long as I remember. I recently (about a week ago) started taking a biotin supplement (from costco), that also has a lot of B vitamins and other hair, skin, and nail essentials. Contrary to my expectation, it actually worked! It has made my nails visibly stronger and they have been growing faster. While you may not experience the exact same results, I think it will be worth giving a try! Smiley Happy 


P.s., in my personal opinion, fake nails are "fake" and unhealthy! So, I think you should go all natural.

Re: Fake nails?

I don't think they're cheesy but like mentioned before me, they're not all so in style now! I used to have acrylic nails done a LOT but finally realized they were more damaging than pretty Smiley Sad You can try a silk wrap which covers the nails in silk material and keeps them strong and protected but without filing down the nail and using harsh glues and plastic nails!


The easiest way I fixed my nails was getting more calcium and taking a B vitamin (great for hair and nails) and then using a strenghting top coat, like the Perfect Nails Pink formula or those "diamond coat" "hard as nails" types. Smiley Happy



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Fake nails?

I am a hair stylist and I also do nails, fake nails don't work for everyone and when not done right they are very damaging, but a good solution would be nail wraps, they are much less damaging and are good when trying to let nails grow or to always have on, they are a layer of glue and spray activator and then a silk woven cloth placed over entire nail and they help strengthen the nails so they don't break. I always use nail wraps to help mine grow and then remove them when they are the length I like. They look very natural and thin, no one ever assumes they aren't my nails.

Re: Fake nails?

Cool, I think I might try these! Now I just have to find somewhere in my tiny town to get them done Smiley Happy Anyone know a good nail salon on Cape Cod?? Yes (and thank you!!) to everybody else, too - natural is definitely the way to go! I just want the fleeting satisfaction of having sexy nails!

Re: Fake nails?

I've been biting my nails on and off pretty much since I've had teeth, and as someone else said, for me it helps a lot to keep files/clippers handy. I really can't wear fake nails, as I work with my hands all day and they get ruined (also, i just ended up biting them off). When I let mine grow, at first they grow in very thin. If you keep filing them, and they grow in slowly, they will grow in thicker than if you just let them grow out full speed. I also use a vitamin gel on them, and sometimes a clear hardening product. Hope this helped, and good luck!

Re: Fake nails?

Hi XAnniex,


I personally think that they are not as popular as they used to be. I had a friend who used to get them done ALL the time. One time when she didn't have them on, I noticed her nails were so thin and unhealthy looking. Try to keep it natural and still have fun mixing it up with different nail colors. I also like the formula pink gel. It helps instantly minimize the look of yellow nails and also helps to strengthen themSmiley Happy

<3 Melissa

Re: Fake nails?

Thanks, everybody - this is all really  helpful advice. And you're right, I should stop fooling around and just go all natural (I'll probably give that Dior apricot creme a try). Maybe I'll save the fakes for a special occasion. Thanks again for the help! xo, Annie

Re: Fake nails?

I don't think they are cheesy; I still see many people using them in the area where I live.  Some people and I include myself here just have nails that don't grow very long.  I did use acrylics when I was trying to stop biting mine and I did break the habit.  I don't use them now, but I have not have any luck at all improving their condition using various nail products, including the Dior cuticle cream referenced.  I think it's a personal preference.

Re: Fake nails?

I don't think fake nails have completely died yet, but the fad has mellowed out tremendously; especially square tips and extreme length acrylics. I've noticed that oval, heavily bedazzled, and pointed stiletto nails are very much in trend right now. Painting them is an easy way to give any faux nails a more natural look.


For years I wore fake nails because I had the same problem. One day at my local beauty supply store I asked a girl working there, who had gorgeous long natural nails, what her secret was. She said that she used a strengthening top coat and almost always kept her nails painted which served as a shield against daily activities. Since taking her advice my nails have gotten insanely long, I usually end up having to file them down before they break otherwise it'd be impossible for me to type quickly.


Illamasqua - Nail Top CoatSEPHORA by OPI - Nail Treatment - 3 in 1 Base, Top, & StrengthenerSEPHORA by OPI - Nail Treatment - Strengthener

Whimsically yours,

Re: Fake nails?

I've only ever had fake nails once, when I got married...and I coudnt wait to get them off. Recently in my older years, I've had luck keeping them at a good length and keeping the nice. I usually get a mani after about ten days, and that helps keep them strong. Go for natural.

Re: Fake nails?

It's not about being cheesy or not, fake nails simply tend to damage your nails more than anything else.


A great product to strengthen your nails (and it hydrates your cuticles too) is Dior Creme Abricot.


It's truly amazing, but just like anything else, for you to see the best results, you MUST be disciplined and apply it every night! It's ok on polished nails too. Grab some with a finger, dab a small amount onto each nail and then massage it for 10sec or so. To get rid of the stickiness on your hands, apply any hand cream.


Hope that helps!





Re: Fake nails?

I think that if you are willing to get them redone every time they need to be, then they are good for protecting your nails, otherwise I wouldn't bother. I get fake nails every now and again and then they outgrow and I am too lazy to go in to get a rebase so then I just have to rip them off my nails and it damages them more than in the first place. I just stick to painting my nails now Smiley Tongue lol. Hope this helps! 


Re: Fake nails?

Sadly, they were quite popular back when i was still in school (it's been a while so it is a dated trend).  Personally, I did not see the appeal.  Watching those break/rip off of athletes was enough convincing that it was a bad idea.  It was not a pretty sight.


Invest in a good base coat and try to eat foods that help with nails and hair (there are lots of resources out on the web).  To keep from biting, find a new distraction or keep a small clipper and file close by.  It might not be easy to break the habit but it is possible. 


Suggestions:  Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat


nails inc. Kensington Caviar Base Coat


Hope that helps. 


Re: Fake nails?

Love these recommendations! The Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat is one of my favorites for quick, healthy, manicured nails Smiley Happy <3 Julianna
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