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Diorific Nail Polishes

I was wondering if anyone has gotten/used these yet and if they would please post as to wear time and if / what you use as a base/ topcoat. I usually do not wear regular nail polish but the bottle is darn adorable i am not sure if i can s1545631-main-grid.jpgpass it up. Thanks! 

Re: Diorific Nail Polishes

Oh, I was planning on applying that one you pictured today! I'll let you know how it wears! 

Re: Diorific Nail Polishes

Thank you rikkie, will you add a photo too so i can see if the gold really shows like that???? you're awesome!!

Re: Diorific Nail Polishes

Curious to see it too!

Re: Diorific Nail Polishes

I've been wearing it for more than a week now. Will let you know the wear time...I'm using seche vite base coat and dior top coat with it! I think the wear would be similar to other dior polishes and with the dior top coat it should last for about two weeks.

Re: Diorific Nail Polishes

I forgot to take a picture before removing it, I had a whole week to do it too, I'm sorry! 


I wore it with Dazzle Dry base and top coat, it lasted 8 days without a chip at all, and I was reasonably rough on my mani. I'm packing to move (again) and I had packing tape trying to stick on to my nails whenever possible, haha. 


I found the color on my nails to be quite a bit different that the way it looked in the bottle. You can see a lot of the gold sparkle in the bottle but it does not show up gold on the nails, it's like looking into some raspberry jam at the seeds... you can tell they're yellow under there but everything is covered in jam. 


I found it to look a lot more like a deep black cherry color (maybe with a hint of chocolate) on wearing than the eggplant color it seemed to be in the bottle. After 2 coats it gave decent coverage, but I painted my nails in bad light and it was quite obviously not evenly opaque in better light. 


All in all, it's super adorable in the bottle, and a pretty enough color on, but I expected more from it. Or maybe I just wanted to see those gold sparkles contrasting a little more!

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