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Diamancel File, Which Grit? Or Another Brand?

I'm looking at Diamancel files in #1 Fine, or #2 Medium grit.


I do NOT need a coarse grit file, I cut my nails and basically need them SLIGHTLY shaped, and smoothed.  I'm worried that #1, which would be my leaning, will be ubersoft and won't work.  I am not looking for a buffer with this purchase, I do need a file.


For example/comparison:


- I have a crystal nail file that is very fine grit and does nothing (hence needing to buy a new file).

- Emery boards from the drugstore are WAY too gritty for me on the coarse side, and even the 'smooth' side is a little more gritty than I'd like.


Or if you don't like Diamancel or recommend a different brand let me know.

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