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Cuticle growth help

My cuticles have been pushed back and cut away too many times from bad manicures and now they are very dry and peel alot. I need something to help them grow back, can anyone suggest something for this?



Cuticle growth help

I recommend CND Solar Oil nail & cuticle care. Really helped my dry angry cuticles look nice and healthy again. It is supposed to help strengthen the nail as well.

Re: Cuticle growth help

@hannahredford  Any oil will help, but you have to be consistent in using it twice a day. My favorite hand creams that are also great for cuticles is Lush Lemony Flutter, and L’Occitane Shea hand creams, the original and the extra rich version.

Re: Cuticle growth help

I used to do this too... takes time, and nourishment (inside + out).

Try a cuticle oil. I personally like almond oil for my nails, I believe L'Occitane makes one...if not, I still recommend their hand cream for your hands to promote healthy skin. I do rub the cream into my cuticles as well since I'm not using a cuticle oil anymore.

Re: Cuticle growth help

Thanks so much!

Its so hard finding something that works - going to give this a go! thanks!

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